Fun on a Friday: Featuring My Mom as the Guest Blogger.

My mom is responsible for me being here.

Not just here on this planet.  That’s obvious.  But she’s responsible for me being here . . . on this blog.  Because she’s the one who dragged me to an audition when I was five-years-old for The Steadfast Tin Soldier at the Gateway Players Theatre in Southbridge, Massachusetts.  I got the job,  and the rest is you know what.

My mom is still active at Gateway.  In fact, they just finished up a run of Fiddler.  She does costumes mostly (she worked her tuchas off making sure those dang bottles stayed on the heads of those Anatevkians).

A couple of weeks ago she texted me the graphic below.  “Have you seen this?”  she said.  I hadn’t.  It made me smile, because yeah, it was funny, but because it was also a joke from her world.  But…I forgot to respond to the text.  (Gulp!)

Two days later . . . “Did you get this???”

It was like I was 12 again and I had overslept.

“Yeah, I did.  It’s funny.”

“You should post it on your blog thing.  Or on The Facebook.”

“Ok, Mom.”

So here’s the thing.  When you’re 14, you don’t always do what your Mom tells you. When you’re 44 and you realize how much you owe the amazing people that not only put you on the planet, but put up with your crazy crap, oh and introduced you to the thing that is now your hobby and your profession . . . you do what they say.

So enjoy Mom’s Fun on a Friday!





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Fun on a Friday: An A Cappella Mashup of All of 2016’s Tony-Nominated Musicals

This is exactly what we all need right about now.

In case you didn’t know, the Tony Awards are a week later than usual this year (something I wrote about in this month’s Pro newsletter).

And that means another week of lobbying, another week of cocktail parties . . . and another week of anxiety (it also means another week for voters to see shows, which has been a little easier on everyone – I know I finished earlier this year than ever!).

With all that “what’s gonna happen” energy out in the world, the members of RANGE a cappella thought we needed a break. So they gave us a good one.

Watch the video below and just try not to get chills . . . not only at the artistry of their soulful singing (sans instruments, no less) . . . but also at the incredible diversity of musicals we put on the boards this year.

It was a good year.

So watch and enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

We can all go back to being anxious on Monday.

Happy Friday!

range 3


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Fun on a Friday: Even Jimmy Kimmel knows this Broadway rule.

Rule #1 of Broadway Producing:  Never put your own money in the show.

Rule #2 of Broadway Producing:  Always try and put Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick together on stage.

Jimmy Kimmel was the perfect Broadway Producer earlier this week when he reunited my It’s Only A Play stars to reprise their Producers characters for the skit below.  This time, instead of trying to make money by producing the worst show on the planet, the comic duo of Lane/Broderick try to make money by running the campaign for the worst presidential candidate on the planet.

I’ll let you guess who that is.

Happy Friday!

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Fun on a Friday: Who will be President of Broadway? The Debate!

Since snowpocalypse (!) has everyone a little nervous as we head into the weekend, I thought I’d lighten the mood with another video from . . . well . . . from those Broadway guys who do the funny videos (I’m not actually sure who is the brain-child behind these, but they should stand up and take a bow because they’re dang-good).

Inspired by last week’s debates, they asked the question, “What if there was an election/audition for President of Broadway?  And what if Tevye, Lola and all the other major Broadway characters debated their strengths and high notes?”

The answers are all in the video below.





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Fun on a Friday: Laura Benanti and The Skivvies teach you Theater Etiquette

Everyone is talking theater etiquette these days, thanks to our Theater Etiquette Ambassador . . . or should I say Theater Etiquette Dictator . . . Patti LuPone, and her latest from-the-stage attack on a cell phone user.

And lots of people have been asking me lately about what I’d do to improve theater-going etiquette in an age when people bring buckets of chicken to Broadway shows and also “get busy” in the mezzanine, as this guy will tell you.

You know the best way to get people to improve their . . . well . . . anything?  Let them have fun in the process.  It’s the ol’ spoonful of sugar approach.  If people are enjoying themselves, they’ll learn without even knowing they’re learning.

Leave it to The Skivvies and Laura Benanti to give us a little lesson that doesn’t seem like a lesson, because it’s just fun to watch.

So on this summer Friday, watch the video below . . . and then send it to all your friends . . . especially the ones that Patti might have a problem with if she caught them texting during a show.  It’s for their safety. Really.

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