Stuck somewhere for another 30 Days? (Who isn’t?) Try this.

Even though some areas of the country are loosening their restrictions a touch, it looks like we’re all still gonna be stuck inside for the next 30 days.


I know, I know, believe me.

And while it’s important to feel all the feelings that we’re ALL feeling about not being allowed to live like we used to live . . .

It’s also important to do what Stephen Schwartz said on my very second livestream:

“We can look at this as an opportunity – that we’ve been given a gift of time we might not ordinarily have.”

At the beginning of every month, we always send out a tweet about our 30 Day Script Challenge, the free program we created to help TheaterMakers get those great ideas out of your head and on to a page (because only then can they get on a stage).

But never before has this Challenge seemed more timely.

Because while things won’t be back to “normal” in 30 days, this gift of time is running out. So if you said to yourself, “I’m going to take advantage of this time and finally write that thing I’ve always wanted to write,” but still haven’t written it . . . sign up for the challenge. It’s free. And what’s the worst thing that could happen . . . you still don’t write it? You end up exactly where you are now?

Now, ask yourself . . . what’s the best thing that could happen? Seriously. What could happen when you finish the script?

The answer?


So go for it. It’s free. It’s fun. And it works. Our 30 Day Script Challenge has produced more scripts than we can count from past participants.

The next 30 Day Script Challenge starts in just 3 days, on June 1st, so sign up today. And just think – by July 1st, you’ll have a completed first draft.

Take the Challenge here.

(Oh – we recently surveyed past participants on how to improve The Challenge – and we got some fantastic suggestions from “check-ins,” coaching, “what do I do when it’s done” action steps and more – so I hired Eric Webb, added some tech features, and more to create an “Ultimate” version which you can see here.)

Cuomo had a big marketing problem. Guess who he asked for help?

The Governor of NY wants his citizens to wear masks.

And he ran out of ways to get people to do it.

That, my friends, is a marketing problem.  He’s trying to sell something.  And not enough people are buying.

So, he hired a big fancy ad agency to come up with a TV ad to get people to wear masks, right?


He didn’t hire anybody.  Instead, to solve one of the most important marketing dilemmas of all time, he asked his daughter for help.

And she came up with the idea for a “Make Your Own Mask Commercial” contest.

Here’s how it works:

You make a video telling NYers why they should wear a mask.   You upload it to a website.  They pick five finalists.  NYers vote for their favorites.  The top vote-getter has their video turned into a PSA commercial that runs on the air.  (And probably launches the career of a filmmaker.)

(You can learn more about the contest, including how to submit, here.)

Amazing, right?  Sounds like our Social Distancing Festival.

What I love about this idea is that it didn’t come from the Communications Director for the State of NY.  No.  When faced with a crisis, on pandemic proportions or even if you’re just producing a play, you don’t just ask the experts . . . you ask everyone!

The best ideas win, and just like in this case, the winners often come from the “audience” themselves, not just from people paid to think like an audience.


Oh, and also . . . please wear a mask.

And then submit a video about it!


Some thing(s) to make you smile.

A few episodes into the 37 (!) livestreams we’ve done so far, we added what has become one of my favorite features of these 30-minute check-ins with Broadway greats.

We end each stream with something called “Something To Make You Smile.”  It’s a quick video or link or something that . . . well . . . will make you smile.

And don’t we all need that right now?

It just dawned on me that there are some people who might not have seen the streams.

I think you’re missing out on some of the best inspiration from some of Broadway’s best TheaterMakers around.

But I didn’t want you to miss out on these “smile” moments.

So you can catch them all 30+ of them here.

Check ’em out.

I guarantee it’s a much more enjoyable scroll than the coronavirus updates on CNN.

(And if they do make you smile even a bit, give a few bucks to the Actors Fund here.

P.S. Tonight, join me for a chat with Krysta Rodriguez (Spring Awakening, First Date, NBC’s SMASH, Netflix’s DAYBREAK). We go live at 8pm EDT. Click here to set your reminder and join the conversation.

I’m going to do something I don’t like to do.

I don’t like to repeat myself.

Whether that’s in the types of shows I produce, or the marketing initiatives I come up with, or the types of blogs I write.

But eff it.  It’s a pandemic.  All bets are off.

That’s why I’m going to pretend I’m a TV show and give you a repeat.  But it’s only because you asked for it.

If you missed it:

Last week, I held a virtual (duh) workshop called “How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time,”  where I revealed all the strategies, tips and tricks that I’ve learned from the countless business gurus, marketing mavens, entrepreneurs and art-repreneurs I’ve been talking to since I’ve been trapped inside.

And it was by far the most popular webinar I’ve ever, EVER, done.  There were hundreds of us TheaterMakers in this e-room . . . all figuring out how we make the most of this time.

And then the emails started coming, not only saying that the advice I was passing on was working, but I started to get a bunch of emails asking to teach the workshop again . . . because so many had missed it.

So that’s what we’re doing.

For a limited time, If you missed my webinar, “How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time”, you can now see it again on replay here.

And if you are a TheaterMaker and are looking for a step-by-step plan for how to come out of this isolation better off than when you started, I strongly suggest you watch.

See, while I’m pretty good at self-motivating and keeping my eyes on my goals, even I felt myself looking for direction during this unprecedented era.  That’s why I reached out to my business network and my artistic network to find out what other people were doing to get through this.

And oh did they help me.  Big time.  After about the 20th Zoom call, I turned a corner – staying positive and staying focused  . . . and I started getting serious @#$% done in a time where it’s just really hard to get anything done.

That’s when I knew I had to share it.  So I took all their nuggets of inspiration and practical advice, threw in some of my own, and put it up online for all you TheaterMakers out there.

And all of it . . . and then some . . . is in this webinar.

So, yeah, I’m repeating myself.  Sue me.  Or just watch it and I think you’ll forgive me.

Because I know it’ll help.

Have a fantastic TheaterMaking weekend!

P.S. I’ll be going LIVE tonight on my Facebook page with Tony Award-winner Ali Stroker (Oklahoma!, Deaf West’s Spring Awakening). Join us here at 8pm EDT.


How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time.

You know what I’ve been doing more of during this curtain-down time?

Talking to a lot of people a heck of a lot smarter than me.

Some of those people are the enlightening Broadway Superpowers who have been shootin’ me up with good ju-ju every night at 8 on my livestream.

But I’ve also been talking to my business coach, the members of my entrepreneurial mastermind, marketing gurus, my therapist, my Dad, artists, and a whole bunch of other folks who run their own businesses and are faced with the huge challenges facing us all right now.

My question to all of them has been . . . “This is a dark time for so many reasons.  How do we take this time of personal and professional lockdown . . . and come out of it stronger than we went in?”

I’ve been overwhelmed with the answers . . . some big picture, some so practical and specific I actioned them myself already and saw immediate results.

And whenever people tell me smart stuff, I can’t help but share it.  I’m awful at keeping secrets.  Since I was a kid.

And, selfishly, I hope by telling you all this stuff it helps you make more theater, which will help me accomplish my #5000By2025 mission.

So I’ve taken all of this counsel (some of which cost me a pretty penny), added in some of my own ingredients, and turned it into a “talk” that I’m going to give for FREE (online of course), next Thursday, April 16th at 6pm EDT.

The title of the Talk?

How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Out Of Their Quaran-time.

We’ll talk about . . .

  • The 3 specific things you should focus on right now so you are more than ready for when the curtain goes back up.
  • Why you need a new routine when you’re working remotely (and what that routine should be).
  • How to market a show (or yourself – for all you actors, directors, etc. out there) when people can’t actually see shows or hire actors or directors!

And lots more.  And of course, I’ll take questions about all this . . . and anything else . . . at the end.

Join me.  Because I want more theater in the world.  And I have a feeling some of the stuff I’ve learned that I’m going to pass on to you, can help you accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish . . . and fast.

Sign up for the free webinar here.