The definition of BHAG

A BHAG is a Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal.

James Collins and Jerry Porras originated the concept in their book, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

They’re unachievable unless you’re committed, confident, and consistently pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. And more than that, they’re game-changers for you or your business.

BHAG’s are long term, 10 to 25+ years kinda long.

But they aren’t just your regular, run-of-the-mill goals. They have to be integrally connected to your long term strategy. They’ve gotta be so ambitious that there’s a little voice in your head that feels like you just may never be able to do it. (Ignore that little guy.)

And they have to be measurable (like my #5000by2025), so you know exactly what you’re goin’ for and how close you are to getting there.

To an outsider, BHAGs may seem improbable, but you (and your team) should know that they aren’t impossible.

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Items Remaining at Theater


  • 1 unit: 35.5” x 8’8”
  • 8 units: 35.5” x 8’
  • 2 units: 5’ x 6’
  • 1 unit:  4’ x 6’1”
  • 1 unit: 32” x 64”
  • 1 unit: 3’ x 8’
  • 1 unit: 4’ x 4’

6 stair step unit

4- 3′ x 7′ Black Flats



The Notebook: the Musical

Yup, you read that right.

Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook is officially becoming a Broadway musical.  It will (relatively) soon join the likes of other mega-hit movie-musicals like Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, and Frozen.

At least considering the cult following it’s gathered since it was released in 2004, I’m betting it’ll be a hit.

Think that’s exciting enough?

Bekah Brunstetter (writer of The Cake and supervising producer of a little show called This Is Us) is writing the book and Ingrid Michaelson is taking on music and lyrics.

Produced by Kevin McCollum (In the Heights, Avenue Q, Rent), Kurt Deutsch (Sh-K-Boom & Ghostlight Records), and Sparks himself, the rest of the team is being assembled as we speak, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

I know mine will be.

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Three Best Motivational Books I’ve Read in the Past Three Months

And every single one of them written by a woman.
2.  The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
3.  Grit by Angela Duckworth