Introducing The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Starting TONIGHT at 8 PM

Last weekend, when I realized I wouldn’t be seeing a lot of my friends, acquaintances (or “virtually” anyone) in-person for quite some time, I started reaching out via FaceTime, Zoom and Text just to check-in and see how they were doing.

Well, they showed me.

In the first few moments of our chit-chat, they had me laughing, they had me learning (sharing their tips of how they were getting through this), and they had me inspired to do something to help anyone out there who need the same medicine that I inadvertently did!

That’s when I thought . . . more people need to hear from these amazing folks.

So that’s what we’re doing.

Inspired by my podcast and the little pick-me-ups I described above, tonight we start TheProducersPerspectiveLIVE!

Every night at 8 PM EDT, we’ll have a superstar TheaterMaker join us for a brief chat about how they are doing, what they are doing, and what tips they are for you on getting through, and eventually, getting back to what we all love to do . . . make theater.

And yes, that’s right . . . no recorded edited episodes here.  These will be LIVE and ON VIDEO, streaming live on Facebook.

And just look at who has already shot their hand up and said YES, I’ll do it!

Stephen Schwartz – Tuesday, March 24th
Sierra Boggess – Wednesday, March 25th
Alex Brightman – Thursday, March 26th

Rick Miramontez – Friday, March 27th
Stephen Flaherty – Saturday, March 28th
Pam MacKinnon – Sunday, March 29th

Steven Sater – Monday March 30th
Jennifer Tepper – Tuesday, March 31st
Alan Cumming – Wednesday, April 1st
Leigh Silverman – Thursday, April 2nd
Sergio Trujillo – Friday, April 3rd
Jeanine Tesori – Saturday, April 4th
Anthony Veneziale

David Henry Hwang
Andrew Lippa
Lonny Price
Kevin McCollum
Zalmen Mlotek
Ryan Scott Oliver
Damian Bazadona
Drew Hodges
David Rockwell
Jack Tantleff
Al Nocciolino
John Caird
Des McAnuff
Stephen Byrd
James Lapine

It’ll be every night, 7 days a week.  And you can see the schedule for the series here.

I’ll kick it off tonight to talk a little more about it, take some questions (and honestly, test the technology before I get a big star online).

Tune in to my Facebook page TONIGHT, Monday March 23rd, at 8pm ET (7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT) to hear more about it AND get an update on what will be joining us.  And to find the most up-to-date schedule and list of guests, visit this page:

See you tonight . . . and every night!  And don’t forget, the schedule is here!


In case you weren’t there, here’s what I said – in a picture.

The only thing I enjoy more than speaking to Theater Organizations (and I’ve had the honor of speaking to a bunch over the last few years, from The Irish Theatre Forum to The International Thespian Society), is speaking to Non-Theater Organizations.

And last September, I was asked to speak at Cre8Con in Portland – which brought together creative types from across all industries.  It’s a great conference and, if you’re in the Northwest, go check it out next year.

I did one of my favorite talks – about “serving the tennis ball” and the one thing that the most successful people I know have in common about how they got started.

I had almost forgotten about it . . . and then Cr8Con sent me the coolest thing – a graphic encapsulation of the talk.  I thought it was such a unique “gift” that I had to share it.

See if you get a clue as to what the @#$% I was talking about it from the below.

And go check out Cr8Con!




One of my missions is to get more people talking about the theater and the arts.  So if you want me to speak at your next event, click here.

Back to School and a Bloggin’ change!

I don’t know about you, but I always think of September as the start of the New Year. Maybe I just never shook the scholastic calendar, or maybe it’s because Broadway’s season kicks into high gear after Labor Day, or maybe it’s because my bday and my anniversary are at the end of August.  Whatever the reason, for me, my year starts . . . now.

And as with the start of any new year, I always take stock of what I’ve done over the last year, where I am today, and where I want to go tomorrow.  I set goals, and then devise specific and actionable plans to meet those goals.

What I realized as I labored over all of this over Labor Day weekend, was that there are three things that I do that I love so much and want to do more of.  And they are . . .

  • I love producing and creating shows.
  • I love working with my consulting clients and PRO members and helping get their shows off the ground.

And third, but not least . . .

  • I love being a husband.  (Your goals and aspirations shouldn’t only be professional, you know.)

Because these are the areas I want to focus more of my time on and because there are a lot of exciting things simmering on my developmental stove (including the Once on This Island announcement from last week, and a couple of other things I can’t talk about yet), I decided that there were a few things that had to give.

See, there’s a theory out there that human beings have a limit on the number of things they can be great at. Some say 3, some say 5.  The idea is to pick those things, and then focus as much of your time on those things as possible, even if that means cutting back on other things that you enjoy.

One of things I’m going to cut back on is writing this blog.

I’m not going away completely.  Oh no, I love writing this blog too much.  And it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done . . . in my entire life.  It has introduced me to amazing people, it has focused my own thinking on so many issues, and it has even made me re-evaluate my position on other things thanks to your comments.  It’s been awesome.

So I’m not going to stop blogging.

But I am going to do it a bit less.

I’ve been blogging daily for the past eight years (!).  It has been one of the greatest habits I’ve ever taught myself.  But starting this week, that schedule is going to change.  Going forward I will post twice a week . . . a podcast on Monday and a blog on Thursday.

If you want more content from me, there are ways to get it.

  • Like me on Facebook. I’ll be doing more “micro-blogging” there, like I did this past weekend when I commented on the Wells Fargo controversy.
  • Subscribe to this blog’s email list.  I often send my subscribers exclusive content that doesn’t appear online, so this is the only way to get it.
  • Join Pro.  I write 5+ articles a month on raising money, marketing, writing, and more every single month.  Get a free sample here.
  • And occasionally, I’ll throw up a bonus post here in addition to Monday/Thursday if there’s something that I just can’t keep quiet about.  🙂

So that’s my new plan.  And I know it’s going to allow me to do better work on and off Broadway for myself, for my clients, and hopefully for you too.

Now, what’s your back-to-school new year’s plan?

See you Thursday.


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Fun on a Friday: Featuring My Mom as the Guest Blogger.

My mom is responsible for me being here.

Not just here on this planet.  That’s obvious.  But she’s responsible for me being here . . . on this blog.  Because she’s the one who dragged me to an audition when I was five-years-old for The Steadfast Tin Soldier at the Gateway Players Theatre in Southbridge, Massachusetts.  I got the job,  and the rest is you know what.

My mom is still active at Gateway.  In fact, they just finished up a run of Fiddler.  She does costumes mostly (she worked her tuchas off making sure those dang bottles stayed on the heads of those Anatevkians).

A couple of weeks ago she texted me the graphic below.  “Have you seen this?”  she said.  I hadn’t.  It made me smile, because yeah, it was funny, but because it was also a joke from her world.  But…I forgot to respond to the text.  (Gulp!)

Two days later . . . “Did you get this???”

It was like I was 12 again and I had overslept.

“Yeah, I did.  It’s funny.”

“You should post it on your blog thing.  Or on The Facebook.”

“Ok, Mom.”

So here’s the thing.  When you’re 14, you don’t always do what your Mom tells you. When you’re 44 and you realize how much you owe the amazing people that not only put you on the planet, but put up with your crazy crap, oh and introduced you to the thing that is now your hobby and your profession . . . you do what they say.

So enjoy Mom’s Fun on a Friday!





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Why I didn’t mind this letter from a lawyer.

I’ve learned to recognize ’em.

They come certified.  They are fat.  And they are never good.

Yep, I’m talking about a letter from a law firm.  And even though this one was giving me a scolding, I didn’t mind.

Here’s what happened.

Like most folks, I’ve been following the success of the sharing economy, and specifically Airbnb.  And even though I knew that my co-op board wouldn’t look too fondly on my renting my apartment out while I was away for Thanksgiving, I decided to post an ad for my place, mostly to see how the site worked . . . and if it rented, well, I’d decide what I wanted to do then.

The ad for my apartment wasn’t up for more than 24 hours when that fat, certified, and $1,000 letter arrived.  It had a copy of my posting, and even said my neighbors had noticed people coming and going with suitcases (that part made me laugh because I think they saw ME coming and going with a suitcase).

The letter told me I was in violation of 1,000 co-op rules, made all sorts of threats, and then got to the point.  “Please remove the ad immediately.”

So you know what I did?

I removed the ad immediately.

End of story.

While I’ve never believed that rules (especially laws) were meant to be broken, I do believe they were meant to be tested.  And if no one is going to get hurt, then it’s your job as a Producer of your show (or in this case, the Producer of your life) to push the boundaries of what’s allowable.  Producing theater ain’t brain surgery.  No one is going to live or die based on what we do.  That’s why you should always be looking to see where that line is drawn and when it’s ok to cross it, and when it isn’t.

Because more often than not, the worst thing that will happen is someone will tell you to stop doing whatever you’re doing.

Then you have to decide whether you want to listen to them.  🙂


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