The Answer is . . .

The lyric I quoted in my post earlier this week was from Evita.

Congrats to Mary for picking up the iTunes gift certificate.

A follow-up . . .

closed on Broadway over 24 years ago . . . and has yet to be revived.  Seems odd, considering that it was written by the most “successful” composer of the modern Broadway theater and that it was responsible for solidifying star status for its two leads.

So why hasn’t it been revived?

And, if it was revived right now, would it have the money rollin’ on in?

One reason it hasn’t been revived is that it was done pretty damn definitively the first time around, and no one has figured out a better way to tell that story  . . . never mind finding someone worthy of standing on the Casa Rosada.

And we all know how important both of those things are.

Your thoughts on why it hasn’t come back and 142 Sondheim shows have?  Did we really need Into The Woods again?  Wouldn’t you all rather see Evita than another production of Gypsy (even if the original Eva is starring)?

Entertainment Industry Expo

Conventions have always sounded boring to me.  It’s the word.  Convention.  Blech.  Or Expo.  Eww-o.

They just don’t sound fun.

But they are.  Whenever you get several thousand people who are all passionate about Star Trek, weddings, or whatever, in the same room, this really cool energy is created that is anything by convention-al.

The Entertainment Industry Expo is one of those conventions.

Stop by on the 27th of January.  It’s fun.  And free!

Oh, and if you’re there at 10:00 AM, you’ll get to hear me spout a few Kenisms on the panel of producers they’ve put together. In The News!

Read the article in Variety here:

For one of the few times in my life, I’m speechless.


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