Tonight on the Livestream: Original “Altar Boyz” and star of stage and screen, Cheyenne Jackson.

Cheyenne Jackson left Seattle in 2002 to pursue a career on Broadway.

His jet lag hadn’t even worn off when he was offered his first job.

How do I know?  Because I was the one who offered it to him.

I was the Company Manager of Thoroughly Modern Millie, and seconds after his audition, the director, Michael Mayer, called me and said, “Ken!  Make sure you get to his agent today!  This guy is a star!”

We got him for Millie.  And yeah, it was clear he was a super-talent.  And was destined for success.

But it was more than talent that got him cast in Xanadu, All Shook Up, Flight 93, American Horror Story, 30 Rock . . . and sold out Carnegie Hall 2x, etc., etc.

What is it?

I’ll tell you on my livestream when I interview him tonight!  (And it has to do with how we were lucky enough to have him in the original NYMF cast of Altar Boyz.)

Join me and Cheyenne tonight at 8 PM EDT!  Set a reminder here!

– – – – –

Do you enjoy hearing the origin stories of Broadway A-listers?  And how they are continuing to create during the pandemic?  Then you have to click here.

Is it ok if these guys stop by your house tonight?

Tonight, at 7 PM Eastern Time The Doo Wop Project, a guy group featuring stars of Motown and Jersey Boys, who sing tight harmonies and have even tighter dance moves . . . are performing LIVE!

That’s right!

This ain’t no zoom concert of Brady Bunch video boxes.  The guys will be together at Shubert Studios (under strict covid-19 protocols of course), bringing you the best cure for this pandemic besides a vaccine . . . joy.

And you can see them strut their stuff from your couch by clicking here.

I’m even offering a “dancing” guarantee.  If these guys don’t get your moving your head and boppin’ along, you can ask for your $25 back.

(Oh, and check out the VIP options that give you a chance to watch tech!)

Hope you’ll join us.  I’ve been waiting for ’em all week.

Click here to get a ticket for TONIGHT at 7 PM Eastern!

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P.S.  Watch this space tomorrow for the announcement of our NEXT virtual event!  Or sign up here!

What Aaron Burn didn’t understand about “The Room Where It Happens.”

 Aaron Burr made so many mistakes in his pursuit of success.
Playing it safe.  Lack of loyalty.  Shooting one of the founding fathers of the United States.
What a tool.
These mistakes come from a misconception about that famous “Room Where It Happens.”
I WANNA BE . . .
He sings this refrain . . . . seven times in a row. So yeah, he wants it. And he wants it bad.
Aaron. Babe. You don’t get it.
Yes, it’s important to be in “the room where it happens.” You have to surround yourself with the top minds in whatever it is you are pursuing. They’ll inspire you. They’ll motivate you. They’ll educate you. Often they will reach out their hand and pull you along with them.
So no question, get in that @#$%ing room.
But you want to know the real secret to success? The kind of success Hamilton had? Or the kind of success Lin-Manuel Miranda has? Or Tyler Perry? Or Bill Gates?
You have to CREATE the room where it happens.
Be the one to call the meeting. Be the one to bring people together. Be the one to start the game. (Serve the tennis ball, as you may have heard me write here.)
Learn from those who have achieved the success you want to have. Surround yourself with those same types of people.
Then create your own unique world where you can create your own unique thing . . . and watch how fast people are singing a chorus seven times in a row . . . wanting to be in YOUR room.
– – – – –
Want to learn what it takes to create your own room? Learn from the people I’ve learned from here. Don’t wait. This event is 22 days away. And I don’t know when we’ll be able to collect the same number of masters of the theater in the same room again. Click here.

We give THIS away for free every year.

No BS.

This year’s TheaterMakers Summit is our biggest and best yet.

More speakers, more content, more everything.

We doubled down on it.  Because, well, our conference has always been about education, motivation and inspiration.

And we need those things now more than ever.

That’s why we secured over 100 speakers . . . everyone from Chris Jackson to Charlotte St. Martin to Alan Menken to Jessie Mueller to Michael Arden to Sonya Tayeh to David Henry Hwang to Justin Guarini to Asmeret Ghebremichael and even (ready for this?) . . . Ben Brantley.

There are panels on streaming, equality, safety in a post-pandemic world, what emerging producers want, and over 40 more.  All designed to help get you to your theatrical goals (or just learn more about what makes our business tick).

It’s going to be the biggest open-to-all gathering of TheaterMakers that we know of.  Like ever.  (One of the blessings of a virtual conference is that people can come from all over the world – without having to spend money on a plane ticket!)

There will be breakout rooms, networking opps, chat-as-we-conference, and more.

So if you care about making theater in the new world, then you gotta come.

And today, we’re announcing a FREE VIP ticket giveaway.

Click here, answer an easy trivia question about the conference, and you’re entered.  (And there are even ways to earn more entries.

And win or not, I hope to see you there.

Because my mission is to help inspire people like you to make more theater.  And I know, for a fact, that our conference is the one thing that inspires more people than anything else we do.

And that has nothing to do with me.

It has to do with the incredible speakers we get.  And the incredible people like you we get to show up.

Enter to win your free ticket here BEFORE 10/28 when the giveaway expires.  And the winner will be announced 48 hours after.

Learn more about the conference here.


And The 2020 Nominees for the Streaming Theater Awards Are . . .

The Tony Award nominations were last week . . . so don’t you think it’s time for The Streaming Theater Awards?

It is!

Except they don’t exist.  Yet.

Streaming Theater is a thing.  It’s not a fad.  It’s not a phase.  And it’s not a lesser art form.

It’s a thing.

It’s a new form of entertainment that is going to stick around post-pandemic (and let that be soon).

And there has been so much of it already, that these productions deserve their own recognition and their own awards (Which will, of course, market the form, and make it an even bigger thing.  Awards do that – so seek them out for your niche – or create them yourself!)

So if you got excited about the subject of this blog, and opened it hoping to see your name in the list of the first annual Streaming Theater Award Nominations . . . then maybe you’re the one to start ’em.

– – – – –

Want to get into a serious conversation about streaming theater?  Hear from the experts here.

P.S.  The TheaterMakers Summit with Christopher Jackson, Thomas Schumacher, Sonya Tayeh, Stephen C. Byrd, Ben Brantley and so many more is in just 24 days!  Get your ticket here. 


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