Introducing The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Starting TONIGHT at 8 PM

Last weekend, when I realized I wouldn’t be seeing a lot of my friends, acquaintances (or “virtually” anyone) in-person for quite some time, I started reaching out via FaceTime, Zoom and Text just to check-in and see how they were doing.

Well, they showed me.

In the first few moments of our chit-chat, they had me laughing, they had me learning (sharing their tips of how they were getting through this), and they had me inspired to do something to help anyone out there who need the same medicine that I inadvertently did!

That’s when I thought . . . more people need to hear from these amazing folks.

So that’s what we’re doing.

Inspired by my podcast and the little pick-me-ups I described above, tonight we start TheProducersPerspectiveLIVE!

Every night at 8 PM EDT, we’ll have a superstar TheaterMaker join us for a brief chat about how they are doing, what they are doing, and what tips they are for you on getting through, and eventually, getting back to what we all love to do . . . make theater.

And yes, that’s right . . . no recorded edited episodes here.  These will be LIVE and ON VIDEO, streaming live on Facebook.

And just look at who has already shot their hand up and said YES, I’ll do it!

Stephen Schwartz – Tuesday, March 24th
Sierra Boggess – Wednesday, March 25th
Alex Brightman – Thursday, March 26th

Rick Miramontez – Friday, March 27th
Stephen Flaherty – Saturday, March 28th
Pam MacKinnon – Sunday, March 29th

Steven Sater – Monday March 30th
Jennifer Tepper – Tuesday, March 31st
Alan Cumming – Wednesday, April 1st
Leigh Silverman – Thursday, April 2nd
Sergio Trujillo – Friday, April 3rd
Jeanine Tesori – Saturday, April 4th
Anthony Veneziale

David Henry Hwang
Andrew Lippa
Lonny Price
Kevin McCollum
Zalmen Mlotek
Ryan Scott Oliver
Damian Bazadona
Drew Hodges
David Rockwell
Jack Tantleff
Al Nocciolino
John Caird
Des McAnuff
Stephen Byrd
James Lapine

It’ll be every night, 7 days a week.  And you can see the schedule for the series here.

I’ll kick it off tonight to talk a little more about it, take some questions (and honestly, test the technology before I get a big star online).

Tune in to my Facebook page TONIGHT, Monday March 23rd, at 8pm ET (7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT) to hear more about it AND get an update on what will be joining us.  And to find the most up-to-date schedule and list of guests, visit this page:

See you tonight . . . and every night!  And don’t forget, the schedule is here!


We are all playing the greatest role of our lives right now.

There has never been a bigger “drama” than what we’re all seeing right now.

And it’s so ripped from the headlines, it’s absolutely real.

The difference with this one . . . is that, well, you know how shows usually have stars?  And then there are those occasional, beautiful, evened out ensemble pieces . . . where no one role gets the spotlight . . . but the spotlight is shared by the entire cast.

That’s this.  Right now.

We’re all a part of this show, whether we like it or not, and it’s time for all of us to shine.

And we do that by doing exactly what our Director (The CDC!) is telling us to do.

Our brand new “lines” and stage directions are below.  Don’t improvise.  Don’t think, “Shoot, I’ve been on stage before . . . I know how to do this.”

You don’t.  I don’t.  No one does.

So be the best chorus boy or girl you can and perform the stage directions as written.

The script, “15 Days To Slow The Spread,” is below.

And, well, the curtain is already up.  And it’s time to show ’em what you’ve got.

(And tune in tomorrow, or subscribe here . . . as we’ve got fun, productive, practical tips for all you TheaterMakers out there to make use of this time.)

My Perspective on the CoronaVirus and Broadway. (UPDATED)

I started writing this blog over a week ago.

But every time I finished it, the situation changed again, and I had to e-crumple up my work, and start all over again.

When I first set out to address COVID-19 and its effect on Broadway, we hadn’t even had a case in the city yet, never mind a travel ban from Europe.  But I knew it was going to have some effect.  Since the virus was so concentrated in the far east, the first draft of the blog predicted that the shows with the biggest audiences from those countries would take the biggest hits at the box office, and those shows would actually be our biggest hits.  That’d be ok, since they had grosses and brands and reserves to handle that kind of loss of an audience.

Then the bug went to Italy.

So I started a new blog.

This time pulled statistics on the last time we had an epidemic like what so many thought we were experiencing . . .  the 2003 SARS crisis.  I wanted to see how that virus impacted Broadway grosses.

And the day before I was going to publish that analysis, we had our first case in New York City.  (By the way, the answer to how SARS affected the grosses back then?  During the dates defined by the CDC as the SARS epidemic, Broadway grosses were flat compared to the same period one year earlier.  Now, maybe they would have risen without SARS, but they didn’t regress.)

Obviously, I threw that blog in the e-recycling bin as well, because it became clear . . . and fast . . . that COVID-19 ain’t no SARS.  Not only were there only 8,000 cases around the world as opposed to our 127,000 and counting, but the news, anxiety and fear spreads faster today than in 2003.  Why?  The internet, like we know it today, barely existed in that era.  There wasn’t an iPhone. There weren’t apps.  And there was no social media.  NONE.

So I started a new blog.  This time, I was worried about the new shows.  New productions all struggle to get their noses in the air (unless there’s some major star headlining), but facing a headwind like this, it would be even harder.

And before I could finish that blog, we got a travel ban, the NBA suspension, and gatherings in some cities restricted to 250 or less.

Broadway is still fighting to stay open, although our Mayor indicated this morning that it’s next on the “stopping” block.  (Could we limit it to 250 people per show, separated by 3-4 seats between each order?  Should we even bother?  Could the risk outweigh the reward?  All great questions and I have no doubt that the Broadway League and the Mayor will do what is best for all of us).

So I started writing again.

I finished this late this AM.  And honestly, I was going to hit pause on the publish button of this blog again . . . but frankly, I wanted to put something out there stating exactly how I feel and give you my perspective.

So what’s my perspective?

Well, first, we will get through this.  Our business and our world may not bounce back right away, but we will wrap our arms around this thing eventually.  It will be a slower return to normalcy (a lot of people are comparing how they feel today to the CNN-binge watching days after 9/11 – and I expect just like that, our business will climb back instead of immediately return to pre-virus levels).

And second?  Well, it’s simple.

Just like everything we might want from our lives or this world, it’s not up to other people, it’s up to each one of us.

So read the below from the CDC and follow it to the letter.  Not sort of follow it.  TOTALLY follow it.

This thing is in all of our individual, freshly-washed hands.

Be safe.

UPDATE AS OF 3/12 – 2:35 PM:  And things have changed yet again.  Due to an order from the Governor and out of an abundance of caution, ALL Broadway shows have been canceled through April 12th effective immediately.


Broadway Grosses w/e 3/08/2020: An uptick amidst the unknown.

The following are the Broadway grosses for the week ending March 11, 2018.
The Broadway grosses are courtesy of The Broadway League
Read more here:

Broadway Grosses w/e 3/1/2020: Falling Slowly

Broadway slid 11% last week due in large part to the Kid’s Night on Broadway promo. Attendance was down 3% despite two new musicals starting previews.

At first glance, the numbers this week look eye popping, and given everything going on in the news affecting domestic and international travel and tourism, but the year over year comparison (KNOB played the same week in 2019) is only down 4% which can mostly be attributed to three fewer shows playing.
You can find the rest of the figures below, courtesy of The Broadway League:


Show Name Gross  TotalAttn  %Capacity AvgPdAdm
A SOLDIER’S PLAY $470,330.90 5,424 94.04% $86.71
AIN’T TOO PROUD $1,015,750.01 9,364 82.20% $108.47
ALADDIN $1,092,062.60 13,290 96.19% $82.17
BEETLEJUICE $1,077,911.60 11,373 95.22% $94.78
CHICAGO $546,842.00 6,537 75.66% $83.65
COME FROM AWAY $804,635.60 8,418 100.60% $95.59
DEAR EVAN HANSEN $965,733.10 7,638 97.03% $126.44
FROZEN $925,094.10 12,323 91.47% $75.07
GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY $503,694.00 6,156 77.10% $81.82
GRAND HORIZONS $305,196.90 4,299 91.86% $70.99
HADESTOWN $1,016,674.75 7,389 100.61% $137.59
HAMILTON $2,696,189.00 10,756 101.55% $250.67
HANGMEN $139,321.40 1,542 96.13% $90.35
HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD, PARTS ONE AND TWO $838,927.00 12,863 99.13% $65.22
JAGGED LITTLE PILL $845,495.80 8,326 92.51% $101.55
MEAN GIRLS $778,089.15 8,873 90.54% $87.69
MOULIN ROUGE! $1,571,113.75 10,416 100.00% $150.84
MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON $568,736.10 4,443 98.25% $128.01
SIX $896,885.00 8,066 97.79% $111.19
THE BOOK OF MORMON $896,999.50 7,960 95.03% $112.69
THE INHERITANCE $409,086.00 5,328 63.55% $76.78
THE LION KING $1,414,593.50 12,391 91.33% $114.16
THE MINUTES $437,237.20 6,270 73.32% $69.73
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $639,215.93 8,856 68.97% $72.18
TINA – THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL $1,320,766.00 10,004 84.61% $132.02
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD $1,132,278.54 9,811 97.67% $115.41
WEST SIDE STORY $1,598,947.32 13,920 100.00% $114.87
WICKED $1,202,089.50 12,479 86.32% $96.33
TOTALS $26,109,896.25 244,515 90.67% $104.75
+/- THIS WEEK LAST SEASON -$1,049,375.20      

Today’s blog was guest-written by Ryan Conway, President of Architect Theatrical. Find out more here!

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