Broadway Grosses w/e 12/1/2019: The Whole “Breaking Records” Thing

Thanksgiving week gave a big goose to Broadway grosses. A 30% increase from the previous week resulted in a $41.6M box office haul. Most notably, Beetlejuice and Tina – The Tina Turner Musical broke house records at the Winter Garden and Lunt-Fontanne perhaps due to two energetic performances on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Most shows enjoyed large six-figure boosts week-over-week. Hamilton, Moulin Rouge!, and Hadestown each had average tickets over $200.

You can find the rest of the figures below, courtesy of The Broadway League: 

Show Name Gross  TotalAttn  %Capacity AvgPdAdm
A CHRISTMAS CAROL $734,745.14 5,988 78.46% $122.70
AIN’T TOO PROUD $1,596,418.12 10,870 95.42% $146.86
ALADDIN $1,737,231.80 13,389 96.91% $129.75
AMERICAN UTOPIA $1,013,988.25 5,705 98.94% $177.74
BEETLEJUICE $1,589,838.90 12,102 101.32% $131.37
BETRAYAL $623,430.86 6,339 76.48% $98.35
CHICAGO $707,572.56 7,904 91.48% $89.52
COME FROM AWAY $1,202,520.04 8,521 101.83% $141.12
DEAR EVAN HANSEN $1,352,409.05 7,990 101.50% $169.26
DERREN BROWN: SECRET $573,810.70 5,060 71.15% $113.40
FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME $772,944.78 5,211 85.15% $148.33
FROZEN $1,638,530.40 13,306 98.77% $123.14
HADESTOWN $1,623,019.50 7,438 101.28% $218.21
HAMILTON $3,379,716.00 10,756 101.55% $314.22
HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD, PARTS ONE AND TWO $1,457,094.50 12,976 100.00% $112.29
JAGGED LITTLE PILL $935,865.40 8,652 96.13% $108.17
MEAN GIRLS $1,228,894.60 8,178 83.45% $150.27
MOULIN ROUGE! $2,354,190.00 10,487 100.68% $224.49
OKLAHOMA! $509,839.62 4,382 84.14% $116.35
SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW $532,718.10 6,152 72.89% $86.59
SLAVE PLAY $395,364.64 4,606 72.60% $85.84
THE BOOK OF MORMON $1,266,042.50 8,186 97.73% $154.66
THE GREAT SOCIETY $330,992.50 5,252 61.93% $63.02
THE ILLUSIONISTS – MAGIC OF THE HOLIDAYS $775,795.80 6,624 68.77% $117.12
THE INHERITANCE $510,836.44 5,099 60.82% $100.18
THE LIGHTNING THIEF $390,328.99 5,125 59.70% $76.16
THE LION KING $2,451,315.00 12,759 94.04% $192.12
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $1,281,179.36 10,885 84.77% $117.70
THE ROSE TATTOO $508,849.30 5,478 94.97% $92.89
THE SOUND INSIDE $395,880.50 4,678 66.96% $84.63
TINA – THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL $1,834,636.00 11,909 100.72% $154.05
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD $2,018,899.36 11,553 100.64% $174.75
TOOTSIE $877,007.50 7,636 59.58% $114.85
WAITRESS $884,650.00  7,361 88.05% $120.18
WICKED $2,200,777.00 14,383 99.50% $153.01
TOTALS $41,687,333.21 292,940 87.09% $134.95
+/- THIS WEEK LAST SEASON $3,881,547.87      

Today’s blog was guest-written by Ryan Conway, President of Architect Theatrical. Find out more here!

Podcast Episode 204: Tony Award Winning Actor and Artrepreneur, Alan Cumming


That’s how this episode kicks off . . . with a conversation about soap.

Not just any soap, mind you.  Alan Cumming’s soap.  Like not his bar of Ivory . . . like his actual branded and sold on shelves, soap.

So you see, Alan Cumming truly has done everything.

And what’s amazing is, as you’ll hear in one of my favorite podcasts of my 200+ episodes, he’s only just getting started.

I knew when I saw him in Cabaret back in 1998 that I was watching something . . . well . . . beyond.  Then I had the pleasure of producing his one-man Macbeth on Broadway and realized that Alan was not just an actor . . . he was a Super Hero of an Artist.  

We talked about Cabaret, Macbeth, and a whole host of things on this podcast about acting, art, getting recognized in public, success, failure, running nightclubs, and yes even those bars of soap (and how you can get them), as well as:

  • How he still gets nervous and how he deals with those nerves.
  • Why he is working on a solo dance piece . . . when he is NOT a trained dancer.
  • How being vulnerable is what gives him confidence.
  • The importance of actors being able to “turn it on.”
  • Why artists feel the need to leave on the edge of fear (and why he wants to do a documentary about it).

This episode is a must for all TheaterMakers out there, because Alan is one of the most successful makers of art . . . his own way . . . that is.

Here’s how to listen!

  • Click here to listen on our site!
  • Listen to it on iTunes here. (And if you like the podcast, give it a great review while you’re there!)
  • Download it here.

This week’s #SongWriterOfTheWeek is Joey Contreras! Check out his song “Joyride” from his latest EP, “Joyride.” It’s available on iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music. If you like what you hear and want to learn more, check out or @joeycontreras on Instagram.

This episode is brought to you by Sunlight Studios. With 8 bright and spacious studios for rent, you can rehearse your next Broadway hit knowing you’re in good hands. To book a studio today, please visit Use Code DAVENPORT to receive a 5% discount on bookings until January 2, 2020.

And when you’re done listening to the podcast, go listen to Alan’s cabaret song and story show, Legal Immigrant on Audible!

You’re Invited To The 11th Annual Producer’s Perspective Holiday Party!

We threw our first ever Producers Perspective Holiday Gather ELEVEN years ago.  I had no idea if anyone would show up.  And 48 hours later, we sold it out.

That was 11 freekin’ years ago.  If only all the shows I produced ran that long!

Well, until I get one of those long-running Wickeds or Rent, I’m proud to say that my holiday gathering is the longest-running show I’ve produced.

And it’s that time of year again!

Since you’re a loyal reader and fellow theater-lover, I’m happy to invite you to this year’s annual Producer’s Perspective Holiday Party!

Join me, other TheaterMakers and industry professions as we gather to celebrate and schmooze it up!

Because these have become such popular networking events, we’ve actually had to restrict the invitations over the last several years.  But this year, we’re going back to our roots and inviting EVERYBODY!

So if you’re a TheaterMaker . . .  writer, producer, actor, designer, director . . . or just a theater fan, come on down.  And bring a friend!

Come and celebrate the end of the year, the beginning of the next (which will be your most productive yet), and meet and greet with other TheaterMakers just like you.

And if you’re one of my readers who I haven’t met yet . . . I look forward to meeting you in person.  I’ll be the guy in the Santa hat.

Here are the details:


DATE: Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

PLACE: Midtown Manhattan, New York City
(exact location disclosed to registrants)

TIME: 6:00PM – 8:00PM

WHO: Members of the theater community


General Public:  $30 (includes a free drink + snacks)

Members of TheaterMakersStudio:  Free (also includes a free drink + snacks)

To get into the party for free, sign up for TheaterMakersStudio for as low as $7 by clicking here.


To register for $30, click here.

See you there!



Our Official 2019 Broadway Holiday Gift Guide

I know what you’re thinking . . . “Wasn’t it just Labor Day?”

The answer?  Yes.  Yes it was.

As if Harry Potter cast a monthus-disappearus spell, here we are on the eve of Black Friday, ready for another mad dash to the end of the year.

Thanksgiving is late this year, which means less time to do your holiday shopping.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of the Top 10 Broadway GIfts to help you as you shop for the Broadway theater lover in your life (or in case you are just looking to put something for yourself in your stocking).   And this year, we’ve made sure we’ve added a bunch under $20.

And now, the overture is over . . . let’s raise the curtain on my 2019 Broadway Holiday Gift Guide:

1. Be A Broadway Star Board Game

Be a Broadway Star was a “shower idea.”  It literally came to me in the shower back in 2011.  And when I dreamed it up and wrote the name on the steam of my shower door, I never imagined it would turn into one of the hottest selling Broadway gifts on the market.  What has been fun to see is people of all ages playing the game, from college kids, to little ones, to senior theater goers!  And even Ben Platt!  (Click here and scroll down to see the photo)

It’s a no-brainer gift for any theater lover in your life, and super fun to play.

This year we have a new, limited-edition Holiday Expansion pack! Download the full 31-page expansion pack for FREE here!

Get the game here now.  It sells out every season, so don’t wait.

2. My Broadway Binder!

We made these as a gift for our Broadway Investors.  And we got such great feedback on them, we wondered if other folks might want to buy them.  

The answer?  Yes.  Yes they would.

So we modified ’em, included some sheet protectors and even came up with a unique design for our binder that prevents the Playbills from falling out.

It’s a must for all Broadway fans which makes it a terrific holiday gift. 

Get the Broadway Playbill binder here.

3. A Broadway Puzzle featuring 20 of your favorite Broadway stars!

Want a great group activity at your holiday gathering?  Or looking for a solo activity?  Make the most of a rainy or snowy day this holiday season and piece together this Broadway-themed jigsaw puzzle featuring 20 of Broadway’s biggest stars!

Get it here.

4. Broadway Coloring Book

Coloring books are in. 

And in this great Broadway gift for under $10, you can color all of your favorite show tunes in this Broadway Lyric Coloring Book! The book features 24 pages of mandala designs and lyrics from popular shows. 

You can bet your bottom dollar this is in my daughter’s stocking this year.  Gotta get her started right!

Get the coloring book here.

5. Musical Theatre themed colored pencils

When I was a kid if you wanted to color, you had one choice . . . crayons.  Now there are . . . wait for it . . . musical-theatre themed colored pencils!  Another great gift for under $20 which makes it an ideal Secret Santa gift!

Get the musical theater pencils here.

6. Books, books, and more books!

I could have a whole Broadway Holiday Gift Guide just for Broadway books! But here are a few of my top picks this season.

The Secret Life of the Broadway musical by Jack Viertel

Written by a true master of the American theater, this book is rich with information and stories to delight any theater fan (or theater maker). 

Broadway Trivia

Test your knowledge of the Great White Way with this 9-chapter Broadway Trivia Book! 

Broadway Trivia includes 9 chapters with easy, medium and hard trivia for Broadway fans of all ages! Test your knowledge about Broadway theaters, history of the great white way, show tunes and more!

Broadway Investing 101

Everything you need to know about how to get started in investing in Broadway Shows.

How To Raise Money For The Arts . . . Or For Anything!

Does the mere thought of asking people for money make you nervous? I sat down and wrote a 100+ page comprehensive how-to guide on the subject of raising money for the theater – the only one of its kind!

Action Journals

Created specifically with artists in mind, these action journals are a 90-day template for success. It helps you stay on track and reflect along the way. (Be sure to share your thoughts using #ActionJournalForArtists. I’d love to hear what you think!)

7. Playbill Frame

When a Broadway binder isn’t enough for your Broadway fan, or Broadway star-to-be, get ’em this Playbill frame to show off that their most prized Broadway possession.  Great for those of you who have seen Hamilton . . . just to rub it in your friends’ faces when they come over.  Get it here.

8. Broadway Momento Box 

And if the frame isn’t good enough . . . well, there’s almost another step up!  Use this shadow box as a unique way to show off your favorite Broadway memories!  If they had this when I was 16, I would have owned 160.  Get the momento box here.

9. The TheaterMakers Studio Membership

TheaterMakers belong together.  That’s why we created a brand-new, state-of-the-art, industry-leading membership community and certification training experience for theater-makers! If you want to create theater – or know someone who does – The TheaterMakers Studio is the best resource for you.

As a member, you’ll have access to our certification courses, monthly group coaching calls with my team of experts, access to our Private Facebook Community, a literal treasure trove of resources, checklists, execution plans, and a ton more!  Check it out here and get it for the writer, actor, director, producer in your life.

10. The Broadway Pop Chart of Costumes

Someone actually gifted this to me last year . . . and in a perfect example of word of mouth at work . . . I’m now recommending it to you.  Check out this unique poster art here.



And of course, theater tickets, Broadway t-shirts and the latest cast recordings are always great gifts for Broadway lovers.  But whatever you get for your Broadway or Theater Fan, get them something theater related.  It all helps support the art and business we all love!

Broadway Grosses w/e 11/24/2019: Plenty to be Thankful For

Last week, grosses were down just slightly with a 2% dip. Family favorites fared best last week with Wicked, The Lion King, and Frozen showing the biggest increases. Coming off recent openings, both Tina – The Tina Turner Musical and The Inheritance showed six-figure increases.

Thanksgiving week usually brings large audiences willing to pay premium prices for shows, but this season is tracking nearly two weeks behind (down about $70M). Will that affect the peak week as well?

You can find the rest of the figures below, courtesy of The Broadway League: 

Show Name Gross  TotalAttn  %Capacity  AvgPdAdm
A CHRISTMAS CAROL $384,492.75 5,590 82.40% $68.78
AIN’T TOO PROUD $1,416,921.46 10,642 93.42% $133.14
ALADDIN $1,215,541.90 13,087 94.72% $92.88
AMERICAN UTOPIA $932,780.50 5,703 98.91% $163.56
BEETLEJUICE $965,559.60 9,753 81.66% $99.00
BETRAYAL $549,436.12 5,663 68.33% $97.02
CHICAGO $477,167.25 5,748 66.53% $83.01
COME FROM AWAY $932,942.88 8,481 101.35% $110.00
DEAR EVAN HANSEN $969,296.52 7,541 95.80% $128.54
DERREN BROWN: SECRET $363,599.80 4,340 61.02% $83.78
FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME $765,589.00 5,487 89.66% $139.53
FROZEN $1,099,887.00 12,370 91.82% $88.92
HADESTOWN $1,236,163.75 7,309 99.52% $169.13
HAMILTON $2,654,389.00 10,737 101.37% $247.22
HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD, PARTS ONE AND TWO $930,990.00 12,976 100.00% $71.75
JAGGED LITTLE PILL $902,143.60 8,276 91.96% $109.01
MEAN GIRLS $863,464.80 8,201 83.68% $105.29
MOULIN ROUGE! $2,058,469.00 10,465 100.47% $196.70
OKLAHOMA! $346,426.20 4,024 77.27% $86.09
SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW $388,814.00 5,771 68.38% $67.37
SLAVE PLAY $388,710.00 5,144 81.08% $75.57
THE BOOK OF MORMON $988,888.20 8,282 98.88% $119.40
THE GREAT SOCIETY $355,449.00 5,263 62.06% $67.54
THE HEIGHT OF THE STORM $191,162.00 3,682 71.58% $51.92
THE INHERITANCE $649,237.00 6,038 72.02% $107.53
THE LIGHTNING THIEF $241,163.67 4,210 49.04% $57.28
THE LION KING $1,846,819.00 12,477 91.96% $148.02
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $716,752.50 8,171 63.64% $87.72
THE ROSE TATTOO $481,549.10 5,407 93.74% $89.06
THE SOUND INSIDE $472,832.50 5,062 63.40% $93.41
TINA – THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL $1,607,079.00 11,911 100.74% $134.92
TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD $1,666,008.00 11,497 100.15% $144.91
TOOTSIE $720,714.50 8,168 63.73% $88.24
WAITRESS $650,074.00 7,030 84.09% $92.47
WICKED $1,585,415.00 13,550 93.73% $117.00
TOTALS $32,015,928.60 278,056 83.95% $109.02
+/- THIS WEEK LAST SEASON -$11,027,337.53      

Today’s blog was guest-written by Ryan Conway, President of Architect Theatrical. Find out more here!

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