FAIRFAX, CA - FEBRUARY 06:  In this photo illustration, the Monopoly iron game piece is displayed on February 6, 2013 in Fairfax, California. Toy maker Hasbro, Inc. announced today that fans of the board game Monopoly voted in an online contest to eliminate the iron playing figure and replace it with a cat figure. The cat game piece received 31 percent of the online votes to beat out four other contenders, a robot, diamond ring, helicopter and guitar.  (Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

How to get Producers to see your show.

If you put up a reading, and no Producers come, is it still a reading? That’s a serious question, not just some kind of Broadway Zen philosophy BS.  Readings and showcases and Off Broadway productions are expensive.  And if you put a show up yourself, or manage to get someone to put one up for you, you …

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Batting Practice on Broadway?

One of the first lessons I learned from one of my very first business coaches was that all companies should have at least five revenue streams leading to its bottom line.  It’s a way for a businesses to not only build upon their success (when they have it), but it also diversifies companies within themselves. Broadway Producers …

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Confessions of a Broadway Ticket Phone Operator.

So, I know a guy. And this guy happens to work for one of those companies out there that sell  Broadway tickets online and,  at least for now, over the phone. When I met this guy and found out what he did for a living, I grilled him like he was a burger on the …

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