Be Careful! Your Competition Is In The Same Room!

There are 3 advertising agencies that handle the bulk of Broadway business.  3. In the 2005-2006, Broadway season, there were 39 new productions on Broadway.  There were also 32 continuing productions from the previous season. 71 shows.  Handled by 3 agencies. Divided equally (which they are not), means that each agency handled an average of 23.67 shows.  In reality, 2 …

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numbers 123

News flash: Numbers can talk!

In addition to using the numbers we crunched last week to create a budget that increases your odds of success, here’s another simple use: One of the hardest things for producers to do is to say “No.”  Who wants to say no when a director, a designer, your child, or anybody asks for something?  Believe it or not, …

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Putting What Broadway Bears Into A Box.

When you sit down and prepare to budget a show, what’s the first thing you do? Figure out how much the theater is going to cost?  Figure out how much the creative fees are going to be?  Or how much you’re going to spend on hair styling bills for a star that submits a receipt for reimbursement every time …

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word of mouth

Give away tickets, sure, but don’t paper.

Every smart company knows that with any product launch, you’ve got to give away some product to start the snowball of word of mouth marketing rolling down the hill.    What separates the great marketers from the mass marketers is who that product is given to.  Ten years ago, there were one or two “papering” organizations in the theater business that had a …

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Not everyone should play poker.

Anyone that has played a lot of poker knows that if you get a player that sits down at the table that doesn’t know how to play very well, it can really affect your game. Oh, you’d think you could just take all of their money pretty easily, but it’s not that simple. Bad players …

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