New Seminar: Tune Up Your Marketing Materials

If I were a statistics guy (wait a minute, I am), I’d say that 75% of the questions I get in email form and at my ‘Get Your Show Off The Ground’ seminars are marketing related.

Specifically, I get a lot of questions about logos, tag lines, and blurbs (insert “Oh My!” here).

Because so many of you seem to be having similar issues and concerns about how to make sure you have materials for your shows that will sell the most tickets, I’ve designed a seminar specifically for you.

It’s called “Tune Up Your Marketing Materials”, and, well, it’s like a Jiffy Lube for logos and blurbs.  Ten people and ten people only will participate in each seminar.  Each participant will present me with their materials, and I’ll analyze them on the spot and discuss what I would change to help you sell more tickets.

Because this is a brand new seminar, I’m pricing it at a very special introductory rate, so check it out and reserve today.  It’s risk free, because I guarantee that I’ll help you sell more tickets.  Yep, if after the seminar, you don’t think my advice will improve your results, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Here are the details for the first Tune Up seminar:

Saturday, October 29th

1 – 4 PM
Cost $199  $99

Get your seat today.  Click here.


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Why Godspell, Why Now? Washington gives me a reminder.

I got an email from a reader who had already bought tickets to Godspell who told me she couldn’t wait to see it again.  She talked about the score, the joy, and more.

This reader knew all the reasons why she was so excited to see the show coming back (one of which was that it was the first show she ever saw, and now she was excited to bring her kids so it could be their “first” too) . . . but she was curious as to some of my motivations for bringing back the show as well.

I of course repeated all the same things she did . . . the incredible score, the fun, the fact that it hasn’t ever been revived, etc.

But I also told her about a more timely reason why I thought this show needed to be seen in 2011.  Yes, it’s fun, yes it’s joy-filled, but there’s something underneath that’s worth talking about.  I wrote about it on yesterday’s Godspell blog, but I wanted to make sure you all saw it here as well.

Check it out here.


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Special Saturday Post: A seminar summary.

Our seminar schedule has been all over the map recently, so I wanted to spell it out clearly for you (and for me, frankly, so I know what I'm talking about, and where I'm talking about it!).

So here's the scoop on the upcoming seminars in New York City and other locations:

Get Your Show Off The Ground – New York City

Saturday, June 25th                 
Saturday, September 17th
Saturday, November 19th

Time:  2 – 6PM
Location:  Davenport Studio

Book it!  

Get Your Show Off The Ground – Minneapolis

Sunday, May 15th 

Time:  1 – 3PM
Location:  The Guthrie

Book it!  

Get Your Show Off The Ground – London

Sunday, June 6th

Time:  7 – 10PM
Location:  TBD

Book it!  

Broadway Investing 101 – New York City

Tuesday, May 3rd
Tuesday, May 31st
Tuesday, June 28th
Tuesday, July 26th
Tuesday, August 30th

Time:  6:30 – 8PM
Location:   Davenport Studio

Book it!

Broadway Investing 101 – Minneapolis

Sunday, May 15th

Time:  6:30 – 8PM
Location:  The Guthrie

Book it!


To learn more about the seminars, and to book your spot, click here!

Can't make a seminar?  I offer consulting services both in person and on the phone, both to individuals and groups.  Click here.

When should I invite Producers to see my show?

According to, the definition of ‘Show’ is “to cause or allow to be seen” which is why it’s only natural that if you’ve been developing a show, you want people to see it.

But if you’ve got a new play, a new musical or a new disturbing performance art piece that would be banned in 16 countries, you’ll eventually need to ask yourself, “When do I invite producers to see my show?”

That’s exactly what Tim, a young, up-and-coming Producer from out West asked me last weekend via email.

It was one of those questions that I was irritated that I got.

Why?  Because frankly, I should have answered this on the blog a long time ago! I shouldn’t have had to wait to get prodded by Tim.

Ok, putting my Catholic guilt aside for a sec . . . here’s what I told him:

Knowing when to invite Producers, partners, investors, potential creative partners, etc. to a reading is tricky.  You don’t want to invite people too early, because it’ll be hard to get them back if the reading flops, no matter how much work you do on the piece.  You can’t wait too long to invite them, because the best way to raise money, attract partners, etc. is by showing off a sample of your product.

So how do you know?

Let me ask you this . . . How do you know when you’re going to take a boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet your parents?

The feeling is the same.

You wouldn’t bring anyone home if you didn’t think there was at least the slight possibility of something serious developing, right?  Sure, you might be nervous that your parents might not like your new significant other, but you wouldn’t put you (or your Other) through that stress unless that person and that relationship were important enough to you, and unless you felt it could move forward.

It’s the same for shows.

Do not invite people to your show, if their approval may determine your show’s future, until you’re confident in what you’re presenting.  Because, unfortunately, Parents and Producers are similar.  They judge a lot based on first impressions and initial instincts.

Which means, you may not get a second shot at impressing them.

So unless you plan on eloping, you’re better off waiting until you feel good about what you’re doing, or if you can’t judge for yourself, ask an objective third party for their thoughts on your show before you invite the world.


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