Taxi! Take to me Broadway!

Did you know there are over 13,000 yellow cabs in NYC?  And over 50,000 drivers? And guess what the #1 form of transportation is for a tourist in our fair city? Yep, it’s a taxi. Since tourists take taxis, and tourists make up the bulk of the Broadway audience, there’s got to be more that …

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Trend alert: Matinees aren’t just for Wednesdays anymore. recently sent out an email to its customers with a subject similar to the subject of this blog. Why? Because this summer, a bunch of shows are shaking up their schedules. Baby It’s You has performances on Friday at 2 PM. Chicago has performances on Thursday at 3 PM. Rock of Ages has performances …

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lotto cards

A survey: what do people do when they LOSE the lottery?

My office is right next to Book of Mormon, so every day and twice on Saturdays, I see a 100+ folks crossing their fingers hoping that they’ll win the lottery and get to see the show that night. 30 or so people get lucky. My question . . . what happens to the others?  These …

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Godspell tickets officially on sale starting today.

Godspell officially entered its “soft sale” period today. If you’ve enjoyed my blog, I hope you’ll get a ticket today. Because I know you’ll love the show. Get Godspell tickets here. And if you want a definition of “soft sale,” click here.   (Got a comment?  I love ’em, so comment below!  Email subscribers, click here, then …

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Why are Wednesdays the worst night of the week?

Wednesday evenings suck. That simple. If it wasn’t for the more successful Wednesday matinees, most shows would take the whole day off. But why are they so bad?  Ok, it’s the middle of the week.  It makes sense.  You’re sitting on the hump, so who wants to go out and see a show? That’s not …

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