Who do you want to see what we call “Places, please!”

Get this.

We’re only six months away from our FIFTH (!) ANNUAL THEATERMAKERS SUMMIIT!

And this year’s theme?

“Places, Please!” 🙂

My team is already hard at work making this the best summit yet.  And task #1?  Assembling a list of the best speakers in the biz, from all over the world, to help inspire and educate all of us, on how to make more theater and better theater in 2021 and beyond.

So . . . let me ask YOU . . . whether you’re a TheaterMaker or a TheaterFan, who do YOU want to see speak at this year’s Summit?

Tell us who you’d love to hear from at The Summit and we’ll put ’em on our list!

And thanks!

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Tickets for The Summit are already on sale here, and you only have 41 more days to get the early bird price, so snatch ’em up.  Because you know you’ll want to come later!

The new reality TV show about producing . . . that I’m producing!

That’s it.  I’ve had enough of people telling me I should . . .

1 – Produce television

2 – Produce a reality television show about producing a Broadway show.

So, during the pandemic, I started pitching TV networks like crazy.  And wouldn’t you know it, Netflix bought it!

The show follows the days and nights and late nights of three Broadway Producers (yes, I’m one of them) starting as we get Broadway up and running again.  Think a live version of William Goldman’s The Season . . . but about the most important season EVER – the first season back for Broadway after the pandemic!

They won’t let me say any more than this right now but stay tuned, because I’ll spill more soon.  (I’m just glad that today, I can finally leak this!)

If you want to read the official announcement from Netflix, including WHO THE OTHER TWO PRODUCERS ARE, click here.  (Guess first!)

OH, and we still don’t have a title, so if you want to suggest one, click here.


Will Streaming Theater Survive The Post Pandemic Era?

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As the thaw continues in our industry, and more and more shows plan for the not-so-distant future, I’m hearing some cries from our newfound friend, Streaming Theater. 

“Wait.  Are you leaving me?  But I took you in when no one else would!  What about all those Zoom readings we did?  Remember Hamilton on Disney+?  Was I just a one-year stand for you???  Don’t leave me when I’m streaming you!!!!”

Is Streaming Theater being dramatic?  What will happen to the streaming theater movement now that the end of the pandemic is in sight?

Was it a rebound relationship?  Are we gonna stream it and quit it?

Let me be the first to get on one knee and say the marriage between the theater and streaming theater is here to stay.

There is no way we’re going back.

And there’s no way we should.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, streaming theater won’t replace theater.  It will supplement it.

The theater has survived the invention of the radio, television, internet, and it’ll survive streaming theater too.

That’s right, Streaming Theater is its own art form now.  Just like Hollywood was born out of the ashes of the flu epidemic, Streaming Theater was born out of THIS pandemic.

But does that mean Live Theater will suffer as a result?  Will Streaming Theater rise up and kill us in our sleep?

Never.  Because nothing replaces the live experience.  And Streaming Theater will only help spread the word about what we’re doing live to more and more places around the world.

Like seeing Baseball on television encourages kids to pick up a bat and ball.  Like seeing Queen’s Gambit on Netflix shot up the sale of chess sets.

Streaming Theater will be one of the reasons we have a renaissance of live theater in the next decade.

So give Streaming Theater a key to your place, and her own toothbrush, because she’s here to stay.

And I look forward to us growing old together.

– – – –

Looking to learn more about how to stream your own shows?  Click here and join the revolution before you’re left behind.  Because in the future, there will be two types of TheaterMakers . . . those who know how to stream and.  Wait.  That’s it. There will only be one type of TheaterMakers.  Those who know how to stream. Learn how here.