Who is the Broadway Investor? The Infographic. Finally!

I’ll admit it.  I’m obsessed with infographics.  I like reading ’em.  And I like making ’em.  Ok, truth time, I like telling my Assistant, Dylan, to make them.  🙂

Since I got addicted, we’ve made some really cool IGs (that’s how us cool people who make their Assistants make infographics refer to them, BTW).  There was the one about Tony Award winners.  There was the one about recouped musicals.

And then there was the one about the makeup of the typical Broadway Investor.

Wait a minute.  We didn’t do that one!  Newman!

But it’s not too late, right?  No!  It’s never too late.  I just read Vera Wang didn’t enter into the fashion industry until she was 40.  Rodney Dangerfield broke through at age 46.  And good ol’ Colonel Sanders didn’t start frying chicken until he was 62.  So it’s certainly not too late to post an infographic!

A year ago we announced the results of the first ever Broadway Investor survey.  But go ahead, look at it.  The results looked so boring.  So non-info-graphic-y.

Not anymore!

Below is our Broadway Investor infographic.  Use it to help focus your search for investors for your show.

Investor Demogaphics (2)

P.S.  I’ll bet this post gets more views and shares than the previous post with the same information, just presented differently.  Remember that when you’re trying to get something out into the world.

And stay tuned for more Infographics.  I’m keeping Dylan busy this summer.


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What did you think about this year’s Tony Awards? Survey says . . .

As we’ve done for the last several years, the morning after The Tony Awards, we put together a survey to find out what you, the passionate Broadway lover, thought about the Tony Awards telecast.

A week and a ton of passionate responses later, and the results are in.

Here’s what you thought of the 2014 Tony Awards Telecast:

Tony Pool Winner Announced! And how did me, you, and our Psychic do?

Okey dokey smokey, the accounting firm of the Davenport Theatrical Interns has finished their audit of our Tony Pool entries and they have selected a winner.

But first,

How did I do?


I matched my performance of last year, getting 18 out of 26 right or a sub par 69.2%.

How did the overall majority of you readers do?  Much better.

The majority choices scored a good solid “B” with calling 84.6% of the winners (whenever I belly up to the Blog Bar, I’m always bragging about how my readers are smarter than everyone else’s).

How did our resident psychic Miss Rose do?

There must have been too many microwaves goin’ that day because she scored a dismal 34.6%.  Yikes, Miss Rose.  Yikes.  You gotta put down the ball and get out to see more shows!  Or, frankly, just guess better!

And now, who won?  Which one of you got the most right and is walking home with a $500 Telecharge gift card???

The winner is  . . .

Well, it’s not that easy.

There was a FOURTEEN way tie for first place!  Wowza!

14 of you successfully predicted 22 out of the 26 correct.

Unfortunately one of you didn’t follow the rules, so you had to be disqualified.  (Wah-wah.)

And that means 13 went on to the tie-breaker.

And the one person who emerged victorious is . . .


Come on down, Robert Hoffman!  You won the $500 and the honor of being the best Tony picker in town!

Email me and we’ll get you your prize.

Now, who wants to start handicapping next year’s race?  Hmmmm???  Anyone givin’ odds on the Sting musical to win?

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The Winners of the First Annual Ghostlight Awards Are . . .

Sweet Jumpin’ You-Know-Who!

We got almost four thousand votes for the first annual Ghostlight Awards!

I just love it.  It just shows how much support and love there is for those that literally pull the curtain, light the lights, and serve those sippy cups.  It takes a lot more to put on a Broadway show than just the people on the stage or on the God mic.  But, I don’t need to tell you that, since the number of your votes prove that you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Ok, so those thousands of votes have been counted, and it’s time to announce the winners!

By your votes, the votes of the people, the winners of the first (but not the last) Ghostlight Awards are . . .

Best Box Office Staff Member:
Tim Moran – The Bridges of Madison County – The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Best Child Guardian:
Jill Valentine – Annie – Palace Theatre

Best Company Manager:
Susan Sampliner – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Best Concessions/Bar Staff:
Jeremy Plyburn – The Book of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Best Dance Captain:
Brad Musgrove – Pippin – Music Box Theatre

Best Dresser:
Kathe Mull – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Best House Manager:
Michael Composto – The Book of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Best Merchandise Seller:
Paul Moon – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Best Musician:
Philip Fortenberry – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Best Musical Director:
Brian Usifer – Kinky Boots – Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Best Stage Door Person:
Rose Alaio – Matilda – Shubert Theatre

Best Stagehand:
Jocelyn Smith – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – The Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Best Stage Manager:
Lisa Dawn Cave – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Best Usher:
Sarah Pauley – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – The  Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Congratulations to you all!  Speech!  Speech!

What, you think because this is an online awards ceremony there can’t be acceptance speeches?  Oh, stay tuned, because we’re gonna have speeches.  These folks deserve to say something for all the hard work they do.

TO ALL THE WINNERS – Email me as soon as you can.

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And the winners of the 2013 Broadway Marketing Awards are . . .

Da-da-da-da!  (That’s supposed to be a trumpet sound, btw.)

The e-envelopes please, because it is time to announce the winners of the 2013 Broadway Marketing Awards, as chosen by you!

We received more votes this year than Broadway Box sends email blasts, which proves how much of an interest there is in what the marketers and advertisers in our biz do.  And that’s cool!  Maybe one day, our BMA’s will have their own fancy luncheon or awards show too!

Enough jibber-jabber . . . here is the list of all the nominees, as chosen by our cracker jack nominators, with the winners in bold!

Da-da-da-da!  (More trumpets and one french horn . . . )


I’ll Eat You Last (Serino/Coyne)
Kinky Boots (SpotCo)
Macbeth (AKA)
Matilda (AKA)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (AKA)


Ann (SpotCo)
Hands on a Hardbody (Serino/Coyne)
Kinky Boots (SpotCo)
Macbeth (AKA)
Matilda  (AKA)


Kinky Boots (SpotCo)
Matilda (AKA)
Motown (SpotCo)
Pippin (ArtHouse Interactive)
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (SpotCo)


Ann (SpotCo)
Kinky Boots (SpotCo)
Macbeth (DTE)
Matilda (AKA)
Pippin (ArtHouse Interactive)


Macbeth (AKA)
Matilda (AKA)
Motown (SpotCo)
Pippin (STEAM, SpotCo)
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (SpotCo)


A Christmas Story (Turner Entertainment)
Jekyll & Hyde (Creative Goods Merch)
Matilda (Araca Merchandise)
Motown (Bravado)
Pippin (Broadway Merchandising)


Grace (The Producers, The Cast, Blake Ross, Frank DiLella)
Macbeth (DTE, Alan Cumming)
Matilda (AKA, The Producers, Penguin Young Readers Group)
Mystery of Edwin Drood (Situation Interactive)
Pippin (The Producers, The Cast, SpotCo, ArtHouse Interactive, Ghostlight Records)


Kinky Boots (SpotCo)
Macbeth (DTE Marketing, AKA)
Motown (SpotCo)
Pippin (SpotCo, ArtHouse Interactive)
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (SpotCo)


Chicago (SpotCo, On The Rialto, ArtHouse Interactive)
Newsies (Disney Theatrical, Serino/Coyne)
Once (SpotCo)
Rock of Ages (AKA)
The Book of Mormon (Serino/Coyne)


Congratulations to all the hard working advertisers and marketers on the winning shows, and on all the shows on Broadway.  It ain’t easy selling $140 tickets to live entertainment when people can get on-demand television on their iPhones for free.

See you next year!


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