The most popular posts of the month: February

The ides of March are almost upon us, which means it's time to check in and see what the most read and most commented on posts of the previous month were . . . just in case you missed one.

Here they are:

See you next month!  (Ok, I'll see you tomorrow, but you get the point.  Actually, I won't "see" you tomorrow at all, but you get the . . . ahh, I'm gonna stop now.)

The top 10 most popular posts of 2010.

Before I start off the new bloggin’ year, I want to look back to see what posts were the most read of the last 365 days.  Why?  Because I’m a believer that if blog falls in the woods, and noone reads it, then it didn’t make a sound.

If you write a blog, a poem, or a play . . . you have to be in tune with what people want to read or see.  See what gets excited or angry, and use that info to map out your next 365 days.

Here’s what you were interested in over the last year.  And my New Year’s resolution is to get you even more interested, excited and/or angry this year.

10.  What every high school musical should have.

9.  How to f-ing write!  A mother fing missive by David Mamet.

8.  5 Ways to get higher open rates on your email blasts.

7.  What does a Broadway Producer do?  Over 100 Broadway Producers respond.

6.  How does a Broadway Producer get paid?

5.  The young composer mafia organizes to sell its wares.

4.  Do tourists like matinees perfs?  Do city residents like Tuesday eves?  Results of study revealed.

3.  Look Ma!  We made an iPhone app called “At The Booth”!

2.  We get a lot of scripts, so we’re going to do something with them.

1.  The 1st ever crowd-funded Broadway musical.  And it’s got your name on it.

The most popular posts of the month: December

It's the end of the month already, which means it's time for our new feature: the most read and most commented on posts of the previous month.  

So, here you go:

Since this is the end of last month of the year, stay tuned for Monday's post:  The 10 Most Popular Posts of the Year!