“The economy will collapse.”

Believe it or not, that’s a quote from Speed The Plow, written in the ’80s, about the end of the world.

Want another?

Everyone says, “I’m a maverick” but we’re, you know that, just one part of the whole. Nobody’s a maverick.

We started previews on Friday, and it’s obvious that this play is a lot more timely than ever before.

I’ve got a special discount for my readers.

If you want it, drop me a f***ing email (sorry, channeling Mamet there for a second).

A pisser of a show.

Pisser_2I snapped this shot in the bathroom of the Lyceum Theater tonight.

Yep, some guy left more than his dinner drinks in this john.

Some guy left a postcard advertising his show.

Gotta give the guy (a reasonable assumption) a lot of credit:

– He advertised to a targeted audience (anyone in the WC at the Lyceum is going to be a theatergoer).

– He advertised to a captive audience (no explanation needed).


– He had postcards with him everywhere he went.

So, for all of the above, I’m giving the show a shout out:

Michael Horn & The Michael Chekhov Theatre Co. Present
Sam Shepard’s
9/15 – 10/13
Tix at smarttix.com or 212-868-4444

If you go see the show, tell the Producer that someone in his show has a lot of (clears throat).

What kind of pitcher are you?

I can hear the groans from my staff already . . . “Another baseball analogy?”

Yep, another baseball analogy.

Obviously I have some unresolved issues with my all-too-short baseball career, and I’m taking it out on all of you.  Like Roger Clemens, all that I can say is that I’m sorry.

And, like Roger Clemens, I’m really not sorry.

Ok then . . . This Tuesday I’ve been asked to do some batting practice for some up and coming pitchers at the TRU “Art of the Pitch” seminar.

Both myself and Cheryl Wiesenfeld will be stepping up to the plate and letting some of the mentees in the TRU Producer Mentorship program show us their stuff.  They’ll be throwin’ whatever projects they are working on at us and Cheryl and I will give them some tips.

Want to come and watch?  I asked TRU for some passes for my peeps and they agreed.  So, email me and I’ll set you up.  The passes are very limited.  Here’s the skinny:

Tuesday, 9/23 at 7:30 PM
Roy Arias Theater
300 West 43rd St.  5th Floor

Perfecting your pitch is not as important in theater as it is for the movie industry, as not many people buy product in our biz without seeing at least a script first.  And in our business, we don’t need a studio to get our project off the ground.

But learning to summarize your show in a succint way also helps you sell your show to everyday people (your audience) as well as to potential partners.  It makes you focus on the three most important questions that you have to answer before getting a commercial theater project off the ground:

  • What is your show about?
  • Why are people going to want to see it?
  • Why are they going to want to recommend it to their friends before they recommend other shows?

Answer these, and you’ve got yourself a 100 mile-an-hour fastball.

Where the baseball analogy goes bust?  When throwing this kind of pitch, you want the guy to get a hit.

– – – –

I deliberately posted this photo and not a photo of Roger Clemens in order to wean myself off the baseball analogies. I’m trying.  E-Hold my hand and I’ll get through it.

Exposing myself at The Expo.

This coming Sunday will mark the third (I think) Show Biz Expo, built to bring “everyone in Show Business together under one roof.”

In addition to opportunities to audition for Bernie Telsey’s office, and to listen to speakers about screenwriting and financing your own independent movie, they are also having a Panel of Theater Producers.

And guess who’s on it:

Kevin McCollum, Michael Rego and moi.

Come down and hear what we three amigos have to say about producing (and self-producing).  Admission to the expo is free.  Just register in advance.

For a full list of the panels they are offering click here.

Psssst . . . wanna buy an ‘O’?

Remember this guy?

I don’t have any letters for you to buy . . . but I do have a great number.

I’ve got a Producer-only discount offer for 13.  Can’t make it public.  It’s just for you special producer perspective peeps.

Send me an email.  I’ll hook you up, yo.

(I paid the creepy guy in the hat twenty cents for that last sentence.)

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