Have you cut your electronic grass lately?

Websites used to be simple. You put them up.  Period. But you can’t get away with just erecting a site and walking away anymore.  Oh no.  Especially when you’ve got a long-running show. You see, if the Internet is like the information superhighway, then websites are the houses along this electronic roadway.  And as consumers race …

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Sharing helps sell . . . with stats to back it up.

A great new study was released on Tuesday from ShareThis that “provides insights into the relationship between online sharing of movie related content and movie ticket purchases.” The bottom line take-away from the study was that consumers who share movie content are 6x more likely to buy movie tickets. In other words, people that share, …

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3 Things to Learn from Netflix.

As I blogged about on Friday, Netflix dealt the mainstream media companies a major punch-in-the-face last week when their original series, House of Cards, was nominated for a Best Drama Series Emmy Award. There are a lot of business lessons to be learned from this Netflix story – in fact, Netflix could probably make an original …

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