Top 10 Tips from TOP Broadway Literary Agents.

I’ve been keeping something from you. Last Spring, we started having secret workshops with a very select group of our writer friends and PRO members and the TOP Broadway literary agents in the city from the biggest agencies around, including CAA, ICM, WME, Paradigm, and more. The Agents each spoke to small groups of only ten writers, giving them …

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Freebie Friday: Get Free Script Coverage!

TGIFF. That’s right.  No typo there.  Two Fs in that Acronym.  Thank G-D it’s F@#$ing Friday.  Am I right, people? In the spirit of celebrating the upcoming weekend, we’re instituting a new feature here at TheProducersPerspective . . . Freebie Friday! Unlike the Sunday Giveaways we used to do, we’re only going to do this …

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