It’s Tony Friday!

Happy Friday, Writers!   This is a very special Friday.   It’s Tony Friday.   There are just a few hours left for all us voters to rush over our ballots to the accountant’s office.  I’m kind of an over achiever so I got mine in last week. 😉   I assume you are all going to watch on …

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What I loved about La La Land.

I finally found a couple hours in my calendar to watch La La Land last week (I was on a plane – best place to catch up on movies everything). Did you see it? I liked it. But I loved its message. Without giving away too many spoilers, La La Land is a great reminder that any business in the arts, …

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Free Webinar – The Road to Broadway

Of the hundreds upon hundreds of writers I’ve spoken to over the years, I can think of only one that did NOT want his show to get to Broadway.   And you know what?  His show actually ended up on Broadway.  🙂   Let’s face it.  We all want to land on Broadway.  It’s the …

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