64 – Robyn Goodman

Tony Award-winning Producer Robyn Goodman discusses what she does when a show doesn’t work, what it’s like being a female Producer in the “old boys’ club” of Broadway, and more.

  • Jeanne Nidorf, Ph.D. says:

    Robyn Goodman was a fascinating guest. It’s not often that a powerhouse producer radiates kindness, modestly, sensitivity, creativity, common sense, pragmatism, vision, empathy, authenticity, frankness, courage, self knowledge, trust and generosity, all in one package.

    She is a person with an exceptional diversity of talents who doesn’t settle for the known or dull cliche’s. Let’s hope she continues her commitment to theater despite its frustrations, because she has so much to offer, reflected in her desire to reach diverse audiences, nurture unknown talent without regard to race and ethnicity, and offers support to those who fail. She is an important example of a strong compassionate woman leader/ role model.

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