1 – Rick Miramontez

Rick Miramontez, co-founder and President of O and M, discusses press relations on Broadway.

  • Landon Shaw says:


    You truly are a HUGE idol of mine and someone I respect highly in the industry. My dream is to collaborate with you at some point VERY soon on a project! I love your blog and insight and almost always agree with your observations, ideas, and theories.

    I now have to say you have increased the GENIUS factor even more with these podcasts! I especially applaud you for starting off with Rick and found the whole conversation incredibly fascinating and educational. Thank you for ALL that you do! Happy New Year!

    Landon Shaw

  • Tom Stretton says:

    If the rest of this series is like the first, what a fabulous experience we will have! The questions were focused and fascinating, and the resulting interview revealing and intriguing. BRAVO!

    Tom Stretton

  • Aliya Miranda says:

    This podcast discusses a part of the industry I’ve never seen explored by others in a way that I found very constructive. Just this first instalment felt especially put together for me. It’s refreshing to learn about theater on the administrative level and encouraging to hear the stories of people who have made successful careers of it. I will definitely take advantage of this podcast and whatever else this site has to offer.

    Aliya Miranda

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