3 – Nina Lannan

Nina Lannan of Bespoke Theatricals discusses general managing on Broadway and the West End.

  • An says:

    Thank you for adding these podcasts to your arsenal of resources available to your production oriented audience. Each one so far has been VERY helpful and interesting – accurately described as a “master class.”

  • Brian munroe says:

    Ken – very interesting podcasts, but you need to improve the sound quality. First episode, in your office, was very echoey. This episode has a lot of buzzing and low volume. Episode two was decent.

    Content is great and interesting. I’d like to see you chat with a production manager, shop owner, and design staff

  • Charlie Gray says:

    Nice job, Ken. You clearly had the elite general manager in Nina Lannan, whom I had the immense pleasure of know when she worked with Gatchell and Neufeld. I stage managed a number of shows for Tyler and Peter and not only were they the best on Broadway, Nina became a star, with their help, in her own right. She’s the class of the field and a superb person as well, for obviously those two need to go together.

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