The top 10 most popular posts of 2010.

Before I start off the new bloggin’ year, I want to look back to see what posts were the most read of the last 365 days.  Why?  Because I’m a believer that if blog falls in the woods, and noone reads it, then it didn’t make a sound.

If you write a blog, a poem, or a play . . . you have to be in tune with what people want to read or see.  See what gets excited or angry, and use that info to map out your next 365 days.

Here’s what you were interested in over the last year.  And my New Year’s resolution is to get you even more interested, excited and/or angry this year.

10.  What every high school musical should have.

9.  How to f-ing write!  A mother fing missive by David Mamet.

8.  5 Ways to get higher open rates on your email blasts.

7.  What does a Broadway Producer do?  Over 100 Broadway Producers respond.

6.  How does a Broadway Producer get paid?

5.  The young composer mafia organizes to sell its wares.

4.  Do tourists like matinees perfs?  Do city residents like Tuesday eves?  Results of study revealed.

3.  Look Ma!  We made an iPhone app called “At The Booth”!

2.  We get a lot of scripts, so we’re going to do something with them.

1.  The 1st ever crowd-funded Broadway musical.  And it’s got your name on it.

Play my Tony pool! Win an iPad!

Woo-woo!  Sharpen your electronic pencils and prepare to pick your winners . . . and maybe you’ll be a big winner yourself!

Tony Awards can equal big business for Producers, so being able to determine which shows will take home trophies is something all Producers should practice.

Now we can all practice with the 3rd Annual Producer’s Perspective Tony Pool!

If you’re new to the blog and didn’t play last year, here’s how it works: the person who picks the most winners wins!  As simple as an R&H melody!

What do you win?

Here are the prizes:



SECOND PRIZE:  A $50 Amazon Gift Certificate

This year, I’m also adding a special PERFECT SCORE Bonus of $100 CASH!  If anyone out there picks ALL of the winners, you’ll get a bonus 100 bucks.  (I’m dying to give that away so pick carefully!)

To play, click the link here and pick away!


The rules of the game and the restrictions are all on the ballot, but a few super important ones:

– Only one entry per reader.  Multiple entries will disqualify all of your entries.

– In order to verify entries, only email subscribers to the blog are eligible.  If you are not an email subscriber, use the box on the upper left of this page to subscribe now.

– Make sure you fill out ALL of the information on the “Verification Page” of your entry.  Incomplete entries (and there were a few last year) cannot be counted.

– When asked for your email on the “Verification Page”, make sure you enter the same email that you use to subscribe to the blog. 

Please read all of the rules carefully on the site before submitting your entry!  Don’t forget, you’re picking what you think WILL win, not what you want to win. 

The Tony Pool will officially close on Thursday, June 10th at 11:59 PM, so don’t delay, play today!

Good luck to all of you and the nominees!


Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar – It’s baaaaaack!

It seems like just last week it was a freezing cold Saturday in January, when a group of 20 uberly-passionate producers, writers, directors, and more joined me for the first Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar.

We had a blast discussing everything from music rights to how to raise money to how to market with no money.

And most importantly, everyone walked away with specifically personalized action items to help launch their great ideas.

Since it went so well, we’ve decided to do it again!

The next Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar will take place on Saturday, June 19th, from 10a-6p in New York City.

I’ve timed this seminar so that all of you with shows in the Fringe, NYMF, Midtown International, etc. can meet with me (and many of your peers) to troubleshoot some of your specific festival-related issues before you get too deep into production.

And remember, I guarantee you’ll be in a better position with your show after the seminar than before.

To learn more about the seminar and its structure, and see what past participants had to say, click here.

To reserve your spot, click here.

Important note:  In order to ensure that everyone gets a solid amount of individual attention at the seminar, I have to limit attendance to only 20 people.  Many of the slots for this seminar went to folks on the waiting list for the last seminar, so I encourage you to reserve quickly, as the seminar will sell out.

See you at the seminar!

Get your show off the ground today!  Click here to reserve your spot now.

The next play in the reading series is . . .

Last night we inaugurated the Davenport Developmental Reading Series with a terrific performance of Alex Webb’s Amelia.  Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the terrific conversation that occurred afterwards.

And now it’s time to announce the next play!

The 2nd in the 2010 series will be . . .  Steven Owad’s Heartland.

Heartland is . . . “ a drama about three young men on the brink of self-destruction in
Middle America. Loners in a small community, they form a
deadly triangle tempered by violence, revenge and
a ruthless alpha-male need for control. To save themselves, they will have
to scrape together an inner strength that has eluded them all their lives.”

This play came to us via submission from up north.  The author, Steven Owad, lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta.  His works include the
novels Bodycheck and Brother’s Keeper and short stories and
poetry in U.S.
and Canadian literary magazines. As a journalist, he has published news,
business and feature stories as well as more than 300 film, book and theater
reviews.  You can learn more about Steve at

Heartland will be directed by my ol’ Altar Boyz pal and the director of the recent Roundabout production of The Tin Pan Alley Rag, and the reading of Carrie, Stafford Arima.

Actors TBA.

The reading will take place on Monday, June 14th.  Place TBD.

To RSVP, email

For more info on the series, including how to submit for consideration for the September 13th reading, click here.

There’s always a competitor.

I really can’t say it more simply than that headline.

There are some amazing experts in this business who keep our fabulous invalid alive despite the increasing difficulty of doing what we do.  Where we’d be without those few folks, I have no idea . . . but it has kept me up at night. (Thankfully, I do end up nodding off because I’m fortunate enough to work with them.)

At the same time, we work in an insulated industry, where there aren’t a lot of people providing the services we need.  That lack of competition can drive up prices, and if you don’t have the right vendor, it can drive down the quality of the work.

What do you do?

In other industries, you’d have vendors, service providers, creators of new products, etc., making appeals to you daily to give them a shot.  They’d cut you deals, give you incentives, and so on.  That doesn’t happen so much in our biz.  A lot of Producers I know make choices because they feel they have no other choice.

But there is always a competitor.  And if they won’t come to you, then it’s your job as the producer to seek them out.

Luckily, that’s never been easier than in 2010.

Competition is good. It’s what this country was founded on.  Lack of competition breeds complacency.

With our limited choices, your task is to find a vendor that is passionate enough to compete with himself, or to find another vendor, period.