Broadway Grosses End of Q3 Results: Could the cold winter be ending?

And by cold winter, I mean the cold economic winter of the last several years . . . not this cold, snowy thing that NYC seems to be stuck in this year.

Yep, the end of Quarter 3 of the Broadway season is upon us, and, well, to quote a Gershwin tune . . . things are looking up!

At the end of Q2 last November, gross was up 1.1% and attendance was up 1.8% over the prior season.

At the end of Q3, our gross is up a whopping 2.3% over the previous year (thank you holiday season and Spider-Man), and attendance stayed put with a solid 1.8% increase.

We still have a lot of shows out there, with 6.7% more playing weeks this year than last, which means that some of the smaller shows with less reach may be struggling since the grosses certainly aren’t up that much . . . but overall we’re headed in the right direction as we usher in our bountiful Spring!

We’ve got a lot of big budget musicals that are about to be born . . . and those musicals should bring dollars and bodies.  So expect the gross increase to stay above the 2% mark in Q4 and expect the attendance to break the 2% barrier for the first time in a loooong time.

And can you believe it?  We’re entering the final 13 weeks our season.  Already!  It’ll be Tony Award time before you know it!  (Staffers – we better start working on our party!)

But just like the final few months of an election, this is where the fun begins.

Broadway Grosses w/e 12/27/09

Show Name GrossGross TotalAttn %Cap AvgPdAdm
A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC $985,662 7,412 99.52% $132.98
BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL $1,573,400 11,350 99.84% $138.63
BURN THE FLOOR $454,132 6,764 80.99% $67.14
BYE BYE BIRDIE $638,698 7,763 94.58% $82.27
CHICAGO $690,667 7,607 88.04% $90.79
FELA! $695,310 6,894 95.62% $100.86
FINIAN'S RAINBOW $580,255 7,163 52.64% $81.01
GOD OF CARNAGE $493,863 5,956 69.06% $82.92
HAIR $845,329 8,067 71.41% $104.79
IN THE HEIGHTS $895,479 9,098 83.32% $98.43
IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY $167,550 3,178 50.50% $52.72
IRVING BERLIN'S WHITE CHRISTMAS $1,013,789 10,030 69.01% $101.08
JERSEY BOYS $1,290,426 9,746 99.69% $132.41
MAMMA MIA! $1,137,628 11,475 95.75% $99.14
MARY POPPINS $1,142,176 12,554 87.33% $90.98
MEMPHIS $612,425 7,789 66.23% $78.63
NEXT TO NORMAL $380,820 4,487 83.03% $84.87
RACE $532,801 5,659 66.86% $94.15
RAGTIME $616,303 8,051 63.04% $76.55
ROCK OF AGES $671,174 6,760 84.75% $99.29
SHREK THE MUSICAL $1,055,261 10,844 78.22% $97.31
SOUTH PACIFIC $764,658 7,042 84.56% $108.59
SUPERIOR DONUTS $218,515 3,334 42.05% $65.54
THE 39 STEPS $256,391 3,245 68.87% $79.01
THE LION KING $1,714,566 13,235 100.02% $129.55
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $1,248,943 11,744 90.90% $106.35
WEST SIDE STORY $1,356,456 12,729 93.76% $106.56
WICKED $2,092,745 14,472 100.00% $144.61
WISHFUL DRINKING $208,609 4,526 56.35% $46.09
TOTAL $24,334,027 238,974 79.86% $95.63

Broadway’s 2nd Quarter results: The season is half over. How we doin’?

It’s that time already, can you believe it?  Seems like just yesterday we were BBQing in our backyards and taking Summer Fridays.

And now look . . .

The temp has dropped, it gets dark at 4:30, and the Radio City Christmas Show is kicking again.  You know what that means?

We’ve reached the end of the 2nd Quarter of our Broadway Fiscal Year.

Week #26 of the Broadway season ended on Sunday, so let’s check and see how we’re doing!

Total gross sales for Quarter #2 were $242,217,564, which is UP (!) 5.9% over last year’s Q2 posting of $227,836,554.

All I have to say to this bit of news is thank you Mr. Jackman, Mr. Craig and Mr. Law (and the retiring company of God of Carnage, don’t forget).

So, we’re winning the second furlong, but where does this put us for the entire horse race of a season?

As you’ll remember from our Q1 analysis, our gross was down 3.2% and attendance was down a gi-normous 9.6%.  Thanks to our strong Q2, we’ve picked up ground.

The season gross tally thus far is $500,376.907, or up a marginal .4%.

Unfortunately, the disturbing spread in our gross and our attendance remains.

Last season we had put 6,125,872 butts in the seats.  This year, we’ve only put 5,806,155.

How will we do in Q3?

Unfortunately, I’m predicting some more slippage.  We will lose some ground over the next 13 weeks.  Those giant super power plays disappear soon, and I don’t see any other million-dollar shows on the horizon, do you?  And the shows killing with the critics (Ragtime, Finian’s) haven’t yet exploded at the BO.  (Sign of the economic times, or are the critics losing power even faster than we thought).

We need a big fat musical hit.

Will it be this?