Who says there are no jobs in this economy. Here are 2!

Are you an Un?  If so, then you should be looking for a new job.

What’s an Un?  Unemployed, uninspired or under-appreciated.

Don’t wait for your old job to call you back if you got laid off (that’s like staying home on a Saturday night waiting for a girl/guy who dumped you to call), and don’t sit back and wait for your current job to get better.  It won’t.

Look for another opportunity, or even better, create your own.

Here are a couple of job opps that appeared in my inbox this week, including one gig with a subsidiary of my company:


The Director of Development will be responsible for overseeing and executing the organization’s development and marketing strategies, including:  maintaining relationships and communication with diverse sources of contributed income (including individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies); identifying, cultivating and soliciting potential funding prospects; overseeing the fulfillment of member, patron, and sponsor benefits; maintaining development mailing lists and research files; and supervising development interns, grant writers, and other part time employees or independent contractors who are engaged by NYMF to assist with development activities.

The person who fills this role will ultimately be responsible for maintaining and building the community of support for the organization to enable the strategic growth of the organization and to ensure that the festival can continue to be an affordable and accessible venue for independent artists.

Excellent writing, oral communication, and customer service skills are essential.  Computer proficiency, including MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook).  Prior experience in development or fund raising.

The ideal candidate will be a creative thinker and strategic marketer interested in growing with the organization.

Salary is $30-45k, commensurate with experience.

Interested applicants should email Elizabeth Lucas at eal@elizabethlucas.com.


Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, Inc. is seeking an Editor/Content Manager for three websites which it founded and manages:


Responsibilities will include:

– Coming up with feature story and video ideas
– Coordinating the production of feature videos with our crew
– Writing daily news blurbs and feature stories
– Managing reviewers
– Uploading photos, videos to websites

The ideal person for this position would possess the following skills and qualifications:

– Experience in theatrical media (preferably websites)
– Relationships with theatrical press reps
– Strong computer skills (graphic design, photoshop, video editing and HTML a plus)
– Excellent and exciting writer
– Organized and outgoing
– Interested in getting involved with a start up business and helping it grow.

We see this as a part-time position that would lead to full time. There may be the possibility to work from home.

Salary commensurate upon experience.

Interested applicants should email info@broadwayspace.com.

Good luck in becoming an un-Un!

At the Broadway League Conference: Day 2/Is mobile marketing the future?

Day 2 of the conference brought us a lesson from mobile marketer Jared Reitzin of mobileStorm, who had these startling stats to share with us about that electronic device that’s in your pocket right now.

  • 84% of people in the US have a cell phone
  • 95% of those phones have text messaging capabilities
  • 82% of people aged 18-49 use text messaging, take pictures or access the internet through their cell phone
  • 33% of people change their email address within the course of 1 year, as opposed to only 5% of people who change their cell phone number.

And the big one that shows the size of this tsunami-like wave that’s hitting our marketing shores?

  • In June of ’07, 7.2 billion SMS messages were sent in the US.
  • In June of ’08 . . . that number increased to 75 billion.

Think texting has traction or what?

Think about this . . . If people are doing all this with their phones now, just imagine what they will be doing in 1 year . . . 5 years . . . 10 years?

You can’t imagine?  Well, you should.

The best in business aren’t thinking about what’s happening today.  Frankly, that’s for your managers.  The best in business, the leaders, the CEOs, and yes, the Producers, are thinking about what’s going to happen next, so they can surf what I call “The Tomorrow-Tsunami” all the way to shore, while their competitors are being drowned by the undertow.

We recently rolled out a text program as a subsidiary of BroadwaySpace.  Honestly?  We’re like a clumsy adolescent in a dark room, tripping over ourselves trying to find our way around.  But that’s ok.  The hope is that we’re in the space early enough that by the time the lights come on, we’ll be all ‘growed’ up.  If you want watch and see if we make it to manhood, sign up today.

And if you’ve got a sense of something coming on the horizon, don’t sleep in.  Get up, get on your board and start paddling.

The Will Ferrell commercial ABC didn’t want you to see.

Click below and you can be one of the very first to see the set of three Will Ferrell commercials that just went on the air in support of “You’re Welcome America.”

And yep, ABC/Disney refused to air one of them.  Can you guess which one?

Oh, and after you watch the commercials, if you want to see Will talking about the show, as well as his “roid rage” and what he likes to do with stray cats, click here to watch this vid feature on BroadwaySpace.com.

Find more videos like this on BroadwaySpace

Find more videos like this on BroadwaySpace

Find more videos like this on BroadwaySpace

A Social network is like a nightclub.

It doesn’t matter what it’s called.

It doesn’t matter where it is.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, or if it serves tapas or not.

The only thing that matters?

Who’s there.

When Lindsay, Britney or Paris-ey show up at a club, there’s a long line past the velvet rope of people dying to get in.

A couple of Broadway biggies have signed on to BroadwaySpace in the past couple weeks, and our membership and traffic jumped as a result.

This social proof theory about community building applies to both online and offline communities, like . . . community theaters . . . and regional theaters, and any theaters.

Are the leaders in your community coming to your shows?  The mayor, the biggest business owner, union leaders?  Are they talking about it?  Are they talking to you?

We got lucky at BroadwaySpace.  All of our folks just showed up.  Maybe because we serve some killer tapas.

If your leaders aren’t showing up to your space, whatever it’s called and wherever it is . . . what can you do to get them there?

Ken Davenport
Ken Davenport

Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer

I'm on a mission to help 5000 shows get produced by 2025.

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