Happy Labor Day. Now, what is it?

I’ve celebrated Labor Day for a few decades now.  Until today, I didn’t know much about it, except that it was about Labor, it signaled the end of summer, and I got a day off from work.

Did you know that the first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882?

Did you know that the first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City?

Did you know that the idea originated in Canada?  I mean, how many things originate in Canada?  (Sorry, bad inside joke between me and a couple of my Canadian friends who I pick on constantly for being from up north).

You can learn all about Labor Day here and here.

How many things do we celebrate, take advantage of, reap benefits from, etc., that we don’t truly understand?

I’m making a Labor Day resolution this year to find out more about everything that was designed to give me some reward, whether that reward be a day off . . . or tourists at the box office.  🙂

Lastly, it takes well over a hundred of the best laborers from all over the world (including the great state of Canada), to put on one Broadway show.  From stagehands to advertising agents to ushers to actors, hundreds of people work their marquees off to get a show up.

Many of this work force come from over 10 different unions.  Many are not represented.

Either way, they represent the best work force in the theater the world has to offer.

For that, we should be very thankful.

Happy Labor Day.