What we can learn from the most watched videos on YouTube.

Commercial theater producers need to keep in touch with popular entertainment trends.
Just what is the current appetite of the people?  What are they craving?  Heavy on the protein?  More fat?

Here’s one quick-fix way that I keep in touch.

Every year I take a look at the Top 10 Most Watched Videos on YouTube.  Since “most watched” is a semi-pure democratic process, it gives me a chance to see what the mass audience is interested in (and most particularly a young audience, which is tomorrow’s Broadway audience).

Here’s a list of the titles:

  1. Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!
  2. Evolution of Dance
  3. Miley Cyrus – 7 Things
  4. Hahaha
  5. Jeff Dunham – Achmed The Dead
  6. Pitbull – I Know You Want Me
  7. Lo Que Tu Quieras Ois
  8. Susan Boyle – I Dreamed a Dream
  9. Timbaland – Aplogize
  10. Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA

You know what’s funny about the above list?

You’ve got kids (and British ones at that), dance, stars, comedy, something for the international community, popular music, an underdog, and something with Disney’s fingerprints all over it.

Sound like a Broadway season to you?


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Advice from an Expert: Vol. XV. The BROTHER of the original Producer of Finian’s Rainbow chimes in.

On Monday, I posted an article written by Lee Sabinson back in the 50s.  My press agent remembered that Lee’s brother, Harvey, was just a tad bit involved in the commercial theater as well.  Yep, Harvey Sabinson worked at The League for twenty years, including a stint as its Executive Director, and worked on Broadway for over fifty!  (Just look at those credits!)

A press agent by trade, Mr. Sabinson’s most famous client was . . . Mr. David Merrick.

That means that Mr. Sabinson worked on the Subways are for Sleeping ad campaign, which has been much-ballyhooed on this blog  (you may remember that we had some feedback on the blog from another of the creators of that campaign).

Well, my press agent sent Mr. Sabinson my blog, and like any great former flack, he responded right away (if only all of our current press agents would respond so quickly).

His response was so fitting, that I thought I’d post it here.  So, here’s another expert, giving it to us straight.

Thanks so much for sending me the souvenir book piece written by my brother almost sixty-three years. I remember it well. I was an ATPAM apprentice to Samuel J. Friedman on the original production. Last week, while in New York, I was Jack Viertel’s guest at a performance of the show, which evoked a lot of memories.

But what amazed me was a list of about twenty producers presenting a revival of a show that only two guys did so long ago (and one of them was only an investor). I also bought two tickets for one of my sons for a total of $244. The original orchestra top was $6.90 of which 90 cents was tax.

You’re not the only one who thinks that both of those things are “amazing,” Mr. Sabinson.


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