What if we had a S&P for Broadway?

Here’s a biz idea for some budding entrepreneurs out there: create an S&P for Broadway investments; an “official” ratings board that grades investments on the same AAA scale that screwed the financial markets this week.

I have consultation clients that come to me all the time asking for my “yea/nea” vote on whether they should invest in a show that they’ve been pitched.  I spend time with the financials, research the show’s history, the creative team, etc. and apply all of the tactics I teach in my Broadway investment seminar and then give my consensus.

But what if there were an independent entity that offered a more formal grading system?  This “S&B” would have a General Manager, a Marketing expert, a Director and maybe a Casting Director on its board, and they’d scrutinize the show in their areas of expertise and offer up a quantitative grade.  If you were considering investing, you’d pay a small fee for the “research report” and its grade.  And then you’d use that info to help make your decision.

Something that is as artistic as the theater won’t be as easy to assign a grade to compared to something like debt.   But it would still be possible.  The margin of error would just be greater.  And you’d still have to use your gut when making that final leap.

But I’d bet that fewer bad investments would be made, which would be beneficial for us all.  The fewer people that lose money on Broadway, the more people there are to put money in shows in the future.

It wouldn’t be easy for those shows that get stamped with a mediocre grade, though.  There’d be some pretty angry producers out there, I’m sure.  Especially since ratings entities like this one could be wrong.  It happens.

Just ask the S&P.  Remember when it gave an AAA rating to mortgage derivatives?


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5 Takeaways from the Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar.

This past Saturday, a bunch of super-passionate peeps of all different types, from producers to writers to producer/writers, etc., joined me for my Get Your Show Off The Ground Seminar.

We had a great time, and I have to thank all of my participants for their creativity, ingenuity and their desire to do what we all do.  There were some great (and I mean really great) projects that came from the minds of these folks.  And I think we did a great job incubating them all.

We talked about finding investors, getting rights, the pros and cons of festivals, the benefits of a lawyer, determining your hourly value, and much much more.

To give you a sample, here are five quickie-takeaways from the seminar:

  1. You are what you say you are.
  2. People don’t invest in projects, they invest in people.
  3. Birth your baby.
  4. Diversify your producing programming.
  5. Never wait.

If you missed out on this seminar, don’t worry, I have just scheduled my next seminar for Saturday, June 19th.  That date may seem far off, but it’s coming sooner than you think, and because of how quickly my last seminar sold out, I strongly urge you to reserve now (I picked a June date specifically for those of you planning Fringe or NYMF style productions this summer/fall.  Your shows should be heating up at that time.)

For more details on the seminar and to book your spot today, visit my Seminar page here.  (There are also some testimonials from some of this past week’s participants, so you can learn what they thought directly from them!)

Thanks again to everyone that participated this past Saturday!  I expect great things from all of you, so go get ’em.

For the rest of you out there looking to get your show off the ground, I’ll see you at the next seminar!

Get Your Show Off The Ground
Saturday, June 19th
10 AM – 6 PM

Book today by visiting here.