I’m speaking at the Apple Store. You coming?

I’ve had a long history with Apple products.

And it goes back a long way before the iPhone commercial.

I was coming-of-age at the same time as the personal computer, and thankfully I had parents that fed my dream of being Matthew Broderick in WarGames (minus the global thermonuclear war part).  I worked on Radio Shack TRS-80 Terminals, had a Texas Instruments TI-99, and peeked and poked on the Commodore 64.  But my favorite home computers were the pre-Macintosh Apple II and IIe.  I can’t tell you how many nights I stayed up way past my bedtime playing Zork (insert end-of-an-80s-movie chants of “Nerd” here).

And now, it’s not uncommon to see me typing on my MacBook Air, with the iPad right next to me, as I talk on my iPhone.

So, you can imagine how much fun doing that iPhone commercial was for me.

The only thing cooler would be speaking at the flagship Apple Store.

And now that’s happening!

Next Monday, April 25th at 7:00 PM, I’ll be speaking at the 5th Ave store here in Manhattan.  The subject?  My favorite:  Broadway Plugged-In.

Hope you can make it!  Maybe they’ll set up Zork on an IIe for us!

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At The Booth app is now available for the Blackberry!

At The Booth, the app that tells you what’s available at the TKTS booth, hit the platform trifecta today!

Not only do we have an iPhone version and a Droid version, I’m thrilled to announce that the app is available for The Blackberry starting today!

And the Blackberry app features the same features as the iPhone version, which includes complete info on all Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, links to reviews, photos and more!

Blackberry users, go to your app store, and download that sucker . . . and then use it to see more theater!

Download it today!

(Oh, BTW, one of the reasons that the Blackberry version took so long to release is that we had to configure it for the many different models of the Blackberry that are in the market.  We’ve tested it on most, but if for any reason, yours doesn’t work properly, drop info@atthebooth.com a note and we’ll rectify it.)

– – – – –

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You asked. We listened. New At The Booth™ version released.

Products, like plays, don’t have to be stagnant.

They should live, breathe, and morph based on audience feedback and interaction.

We launched our At The Booth iPhone App just a couple of months ago, and, frankly, we got some incredible positive feedback.

But you want to know what the best feedback was?

Constructive criticism.

It’s hard to hear phrases that begin with, “You know what would make this better?”

Luckily, I have an incredible development team that craves those kind of comments, because they know what stings today brings happier customers tomorrow.

So, we took those comments, went back into the e-labs, and tweaked our app to include some more features that you requested.

Here’s what you wanted, and here’s what you’re gonna get with the new update:

  • Portrait view
  • Facebook and Twitter share feature (let your friends know what show you’re seeing!)
  • Restaurants near the theater
  • Lottery and rush information
  • And more.

Download the update today.

And after you do, email me and let me know how we can make it even better next time.  Because that’s what product and play development is all about.

Oh . . . and for those of you who are about to email me and ask for a Blackberry or Droid version?

Don’t bother.

Because both versions are coming.  Soon.  (And BTW, that Droid is one sexy smartphone.)

Get the At The Booth update here.

My new iTunes Terms and Conditions are how many pages?

How many of you have iTunes?

Now, how many of you have EVER read the iTunes Terms and Conditions that pop up and require you to click “I ACCEPT” before you’re able to download Autotune’s “Bed Intruder Song.”

The last time the T&Cs appeared on my iPhone, they were 55 pages long!  Ok, that’s in iPhone pages, but still!

Who’s reading this stuff?  Anybody?  They could have a “you must eat brussels sprouts” clause buried deep on page 37, and I’d have no veggin’ clue.

Obviously, me not reading an agreement or me eating brussels sprouts is not a good thing.

So, are these super-long agreements over simple issues the result of ambitious self-preserving lawyers?  Or is it the fault of overly litigious consumers who hires lawyers in an effort to make a quick buck?

The irony of some of these contracts is that they were written in an effort to protect the consumer, producer, artist, etc. . . . but because most consumers, producers, artists, etc aren’t reading them, and may make decisions without reading them, they are actually less protected.

Take aways?

1.  Read your agreements.

2.  When creating contracts, ask for simple, straightforward agreements from your lawyers and reps that address the practical issues you expect to face.

3.  Hire help if you don’t want to read your agreements, or don’t understand them.  $500 now could save you 10x that later.

4.  Yes, eat your brussels sprouts.

My blog is an iPhone app!

I’ll admit it.  I’ve got app fever.

My iPhone is filled with everything from subway maps to free wifi finders to a blackjack card-counting trainer.

So, when I found out that I could turn my blog into an app, I jumped on it faster than I pre-ordered my iPad.

If you want The Producer’s Perspective app, click here.

Or search for “Ken Davenport” or “Broadway” in the app store, and look for the TPP icon.  It’s free!

And speaking of apps . . . remember this post that called out for ideas for new apps?  Well, we’ve got an app in the works.

Stay tuned for its pre-summer release.