How did I do in picking the winners of The Tony Awards?

There were 27 awards given away on Sunday night.  I got 6.5 wrong (that dang tie for orchestrations threw everyone for a loop) for a score of 76%.

No honor roll for me this year!
Here’s what I missed and why:
I got a disastrous three of the four featured categories wrong.  The only one I got right was Angela, and something tells me the defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears could have called that one (at least I did call the standing ovation).  In hindsight, there was a lot of love shown to people with strong theatrical careers.  There’s not a person in the biz who doesn’t love Greg Jbara.  Karen Olivo has had two strong performances in two strong shows, two years in a row (and she was against a brit).  And as Roger Robinson said in his speech, it took him over 40 years to get to that stage.  Voters love to not only reward greatness, but also to reward those who have been great many times (I’d put money on Raul Esparza winning whatever he is up for next, for that reason alone).
I’m going to have to start paying closer attention to those designers next year, especially in the play category.  I got three of the four design awards for PLAYS wrong (I hit all the musicals right on).  I should have known that Mary Stuart would have won for costumes (period costumes for Queens are a shoe-in, pun intended).  But the other two I missed, lighting design and sound design, seemed to not only be an acknowledgement of the great work by the designers, but they also seemed to be a nod to the plays themselves (Equus and Joe Turner’s), since they weren’t going to be recognized in any of the bigger categories.
You know what I should have done? I should have cheated!  I should have looked at how the majority of you voted in my Tony Pool because, for the 2nd year in a row, the majority kicked butt.
When lumping all of your votes together, and looking at the nominees with the highest percentage of votes, you all picked the winners in all but ONE category!  You missed sound design and went with Equus instead of Exit The King (come on, even I got that one right!).
The winners of the pool and the $500 will be announced tomorrow!!!

I’m addicted to Speed.

The tweets are true.

Earlier today, I twittered that I had signed on as one of the Producers of the 20th Anniversary revival of David Mamet’s Speed The Plow starring Entourage’s Jeremy Piven, Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss and Broadway’s Bobby-baby, Raul Esparza.

I’ll admit . . . Seems like a strange choice for the Producer of The Awesome 80s Prom, My First TIme, Altar Boyz and 13, doesn’t it?

Sing it with me now: “One of these things is not like the other things . . . ”

So if this show seems so far from my “style”, why am I doing it?

Well, there was a super long list of “pros” that got me to opt-in for my 2nd show that’ll open this fall, including the lead Producer, Piven and Mamet himself.

But one of them was simply that it wasn’t my style.

In poker, the best teachers will tell you that it’s important every once in awhile to “vary your style of play.”  If you’re a very conservative player that only bets when you’ve got the nuts, bluff once in a while.  If you’re an aggressive player, play one or two hands tight every couple o’ rounds.

Shaking up your style forces you to get out of your comfort zone.  And most importantly, it keeps you learning and growing so that you’re ready to play in any game at any stakes, no matter who is dealing.

So I’m varying my style of play . . . with a play.

And with this cast and this play, it feels like I’ve been dealt a couple of pocket aces.

Stay tuned . . . gonna be a busy fun fall.