The next play in the reading series is . . .

We are a little late to the party in announcing the next play in our reading series.  But we think the wait was worth it.

Our next reading will be on Monday, June 13th . . . the day after the Tony Awards . . . at 8PM in our rehearsal studio.

We’ll be reading Extraction by a nice Irish lass, known as Catie O’Keefe. Catie comes to NYC by way of Portland and the UK and is currently the Playwright-in-Residence at New Edgecliff Theatre.

What’s Extraction about?

Here’s the blurb:

Nizwar’s strange and illegal career has always created distance between himself and those closest to him, but it’s only with the tragic death of a client that the true effect of his work comes to light. Extraction is a story about relationships, and how close you can get to the truth without risking it all.

You know what else Extraction is about?

Three words.  Illegal kidney transplants.

That’ll get you to the reading, right?

RSVP here if you are going to come.  Remember, the readings are free, but attendance is limited. Please don’t sign up unless you are definitely going to show.

See you on the 13th!

Only 2 more readings this year . . . submit your stuff to be considered.

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Next up in the Reading Series. B-I-N-G . . . you know how it ends. Or do you?

Can you believe we’re heading into Q4 already?

But before we get there, it’s time for the 3rd installment in our Reading Series!

This Monday, September 13th, Director Daniel Goldstein (of the upcoming Godspell, BTW) will take a cast, lead by Elizabeth Hess, Sharon Wilkins, Paul Downs Colaizzo and Andrew Durand, through a game of BINGO!

Here’s the blurb about BINGO! by Ian Kennedy:

There is nothing fiercer than a game of Bingo. Tensions are high and competition FIERCE. In Mr. Kennedy’s new play Bingo! amidst the competition, gossip flourishes and secrets are revealed. Who knew a Bingo game could contain hidden sexualities, illicit affairs, matching heart-shaped tattoos, AND good luck dollies? Interactive, Fun, Exciting!

Guess what?  You’re all invited to play!

The reading will be held at 8 PM at:

Urban Stages
259 West 30th St.
(Between 7th and 8th Avenues)

To RSVP, email

Each of our readings features a talk-back with the playwright, which are always very educational for everyone.  It’s like a coach and his players watching a “game tape.”

For more info on the Reading Series, including how to submit for consideration, click here.

Hope to see you there!

Need a job? Look no further.

Earlier this week I talked about how we get a lot of script submissions, workshop invitations, and so on, sent to our site, which is why we started our reading series.  Well, the 2nd most popular inquiry at The Producer’s Perspective is about how to get a job in the Broadway or Off-Broadway arena.

Getting a job in the Broadway or Off-Broadway theater world ain’t easy.  It’s not that it requires the skills of a surgeon, it’s just that it’s a very closed-door community that likes to hire from within.  So, sometimes it’s hard to pry that door open.

The good news?

Once you do get that door open and get inside (and you will), that door usually slams shut and we never let you out.

But where do you find those jobs?

Right here!

Introducing the Classifieds on!

As a response to the many of you that are looking for opportunities in the theater job market, and since it’s 10:1 bet that people reading theater blogs are probably the most qualified group of applicants out there, I thought I’d house a place on the site where those with the jobs can reach those of you looking for jobs.

There are categories in the Classifieds for all different types of gigs. We’ll even be including some auditions for the actors that I know read the blog.

In the future, we’ll be expanding the Classifieds to include all sorts of stuff that creators of theater are looking for, from space rental to writing partners to a live boa constrictor for that Adam ‘N Eve musical you’re working on.

We’re hoping to be the of the producing world.

Here’s the page.

Check back often, because it will be constantly updated.  Or add it to you RSS and get constantly updated.   And we’ll have a signpost on the home page of the site reminding you as well.

Here’s to seeing what’s behind the door in 2010.

Employers looking for the best set of theater applicants on the web can learn how to post their job by emailing