5 Shows that stand out at NYMF.

Six years ago, Altar Boyz debuted at the NYMF.  And it changed my life.

Yesterday, the 7th season of NYMF kicked off.

And hopefully, a lot of lives will be changed when it’s over.

If you don’t know NYMF, you should. If the Fringe Festival is the Walmart of theatrical offerings (and for the record, there is nothing wrong with Walmart – it’s got everything you could ever want and then some at “everyday low prices”), then NYMF is the Madison Avenue boutique of musicals.

During the voting at NYMF’s Next Broadway Sensation last Sunday, which I was honored to judge, I flipped through the catalog of shows to see what stood out to me.

Here are five shows that caught my show-shoppin’ eye (in reverse alphabetical order, because, well, you gotta do things differently every once in a while):

1.  V-Day

If you’ve been in NYC a while, then you’ve probably heard of the late night escapades of the Don’t Quit Your Night Job crew.  Well, two of the crew, including the funny-in-every-show-he’s-in Steve Rosen, took a day job and wrote a musical about the holiday we love to hate, Valentine’s Day.

2.  Show Choir

I had an idea for a show choir musical a few years ago, and even did some research over pizza with real show choir members to get some ideas.  It was a hysterical brainstorming session.  Dramas are about characters, and there are some kooks in show choirs around the country.  I remember thinking, “There’s a successful show here somewhere.”  Let’s see if these guys found it.

3.  My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wican Wedding

Just when you think the gag-wedding-title idea is played out, here comes another one . .  and it still makes you laugh.  Unless you have a star, nothing . . . nothing . . . sells a ticket more than a title.

4.  Jay Alan Zimmerman’s Incredibly Deaf Musical

Comedy is born in contrast, and when you put the word “Deaf” next to “Musical,” it says, “I’m funny, unique, and about a hero overcoming a challenge.”  I’d bet that some of your favorite shows, movies and books have the exact same elements.

5.  Bloodties

The blurb about Bloodties describes the story of Ned Massey who was once called, “the finest talent since Dylan and Springsteen.”  Umm,  you had me at Springsteen.  (And BTW, where’s that jukebox musical?  I inquired some time ago and haven’t heard much lately . . . I know I’d have produced the bandana out of that one.)

So there you have it . . . the 5 NYMF shows that jumped out of the catalog and, like Tommy, screamed, “See me!”

Now, remember, you all know how this game works.  I haven’t read the scripts, seen the readings, etc.  Instead, I put myself in the mind of an audience member and a Producer (aren’t they one in the same?), and relied solely on the marketing, the titles, and the teams to tell me what show to see.

What happens then?

Only one way to find out.

To get tickets to all NYMF shows, click here.

Two things to see. And both opps are limited.


Oleanna announced that it will play its final show on January 3rd.

If you haven’t see the show yet, make sure you do.

While we’re proud of our run, it does seem that we may been lost in the shuffle of the mega-star-filled Fall.  But this is not a play or a production that you want to miss.

We’re coming up on Holiday season, so the discounts are a bit harder to get during the prime times, but there’s one for you here.

Just over 6 weeks left.


Don’t Quit Your Night Job is a once-every-couple-of-months comedy/variety show that features Broadway stars like Anthony Rapp, Bebe Neuwirth, Michael McKean, Sara Ramirez, etc. doing some of the craziest improv you’ve ever seen, like Showtune Mad Libs, and more.  It is the brain child of the some of the funniest people in the city:  Steve Rosen, David Rossmer, Sarah Saltzberg and Dan Lipton.

And it’s all for charity.

The next Don’t Quit is tomorrow, Thursday, November 19th at 11:30 PM at the Julia Miles Theater. (Huh, I just realized that Julia Miles rhymes with Julia Stiles.  These two items are more connected than I thought.)

Get tickets here.

I know what you’re saying.  “Gee, Ken, if it’s done every couple of months, then why is it limited?”

Well, tomorrow night’s show is a definitely a once-in-a-lifetime show.

It features Kate Baldwin, Montego Glover and, uhhh, I’ll be making a cameo.

Me on a stage hasn’t happened since a 1997 production of Forever Plaid, so God knows, anything can happen.

Go easy on me, guys.  Will ya?  I don’t want what happened to this guy, to happen to me.