Who reads The Producer’s Perspective? Survey says . . .

Thanks to everyone who took last week’s Producer’s Perspective survey!  And now, it’s time for the results!  Just who is reading what you’re reading right now?

I’ve posted some of the data that I thought you’d get a kick-line out of below.  Oh, and I may have tossed in a comment or two amidst the data (are you surprised?) so bear with me.  For those chess nerds players out there, if I was shocked by a stat, I used the chess notation for suprise (!).


55.38% Male
44.62% Female


18.33%  19-25
13.35%  26-30
18.33%  31-40
17.13%  41-50
18.33%  51-60
7.57%  61+
6.97% Under 18.

I was excited to see that almost 57% of you, a definite mandate, are under the age of 40.


91.43% of you are in the US

The top two countries outside the US that have PP readers are Canada and Australia (which has 3x the number of readers as the UK.  Was it something I said, Great Britain?).

In this country, the top five states are:

44.4% NY
5.72% CA
7.78% NJ
2.90% IL
2.52% FL (!)

No CT?  And where are my fellow Red Sox fans from MA?


72.43% of you work in the “biz” in the following capacities:

24.70%  Producer
24.10%  Theater Admin
17.13%  Performer (!)
14.94%  Writer
14.54%  Director/Choreographer

I was thrilled to see the performer #s as high as they are because I love it when artists get more involved in the business of what we do . . . and I think all of us business peeps should take more time to learn more about what it’s like to be an artist.  Understanding each other and where we come from helps prevent conflicts.


28.29%  Friend
23.31%  Search

Once again, Word-of-Mouth is King, with Google as its Queen.  These two elements could be the foundation of 100 different ad campaigns for products of all shapes and sizes.


You like when I talk about Producing, Marketing and insidery information.  A bunch of you are peeved at the Giveaways because the prizes are generally only for the 44% of you that live in NY.  So, point taken.  We’ll look for some globally appropriate giveaway gifts in the coming weeks.

As I did the first time I surveyed my readers a couple of years ago, I learned a ton by asking you all these 10 or so questions.  Your feedback will be ringing in my ears every night as I write, and I’ll try to make the blog a better place, for you and me (cue this song).

But USA for Africa aside, feedback loops are an essential part of the development of any product that changes over time and depends on new customers every day . . . and surprise, surprise, I’m talking about theater.

If you don’t have a system to take surveys set up for whatever it is you are producing, take the time to do it today.  The quicker you start learning what your customers like and most importantly what your customers don’t like, the quicker you can actually get more customers.

Here are two survey companies I recommend:



Survey Monkey

Thanks again, everyone!


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Who am I surveying next? Myself!

Last week’s Tony Awards survey and its revealing results got me in the surveyin’ spirit.

When I was thinking about who to survey next, I realized that it has been some time since we have taken a survey of . . . YOU!

As you know, I’m a big believer in constantly asking your audience what they think of your show, your marketing, the amount of ice cubes in your $10 cokes, etc.  Are you going to pay attention to every comment that you get?  No.  But if you see the same comment more than thrice. . . Well, then I’d investigate if I were you.

And now it’s time to practice what I preach!

Below is a link to a quick survey that will ask you some demographic info (so we can reveal just who is reading TPP – which I will do so publicly), and it’ll also ask you to give us some feedback on the blog.  And I’ll use that feedback to make the blog better for all of you.  Promise.

So if there’s something you want less of–or more of–now is your chance.

Click here to take the Producer’s Perspective Survey!


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Book version of Year #3 now available.

I made the first year of The Producer’s Perspective available in book form as a lark.  Frankly, I wanted a book to put on my mantle, and something to give my Mom for Christmas.

What I wasn’t prepared for was that a lot of you out there really enjoyed reading it in book form.  So, I vowed to keep publishing a yearly volume.  And so, it is with shock and awe that I announce that Year #3 (!) of TPP is now available for purchase in book form.

You can get it here.  (Previously year versions are available here.)

Books are a stubborn lot.  Despite the vast number of products like the iPad and Kindle that have transformed the way we consume the written word, they aren’t going away without a fight.

Let’s hope the theater is just as ornery.

My blog is an iPhone app!

I’ll admit it.  I’ve got app fever.

My iPhone is filled with everything from subway maps to free wifi finders to a blackjack card-counting trainer.

So, when I found out that I could turn my blog into an app, I jumped on it faster than I pre-ordered my iPad.

If you want The Producer’s Perspective app, click here.

Or search for “Ken Davenport” or “Broadway” in the app store, and look for the TPP icon.  It’s free!

And speaking of apps . . . remember this post that called out for ideas for new apps?  Well, we’ve got an app in the works.

Stay tuned for its pre-summer release.

Need a job? Look no further.

Earlier this week I talked about how we get a lot of script submissions, workshop invitations, and so on, sent to our site, which is why we started our reading series.  Well, the 2nd most popular inquiry at The Producer’s Perspective is about how to get a job in the Broadway or Off-Broadway arena.

Getting a job in the Broadway or Off-Broadway theater world ain’t easy.  It’s not that it requires the skills of a surgeon, it’s just that it’s a very closed-door community that likes to hire from within.  So, sometimes it’s hard to pry that door open.

The good news?

Once you do get that door open and get inside (and you will), that door usually slams shut and we never let you out.

But where do you find those jobs?

Right here!

Introducing the Classifieds on ProducersPerspective.com!

As a response to the many of you that are looking for opportunities in the theater job market, and since it’s 10:1 bet that people reading theater blogs are probably the most qualified group of applicants out there, I thought I’d house a place on the site where those with the jobs can reach those of you looking for jobs.

There are categories in the Classifieds for all different types of gigs. We’ll even be including some auditions for the actors that I know read the blog.

In the future, we’ll be expanding the Classifieds to include all sorts of stuff that creators of theater are looking for, from space rental to writing partners to a live boa constrictor for that Adam ‘N Eve musical you’re working on.

We’re hoping to be the Match.com of the producing world.

Here’s the page.

Check back often, because it will be constantly updated.  Or add it to you RSS and get constantly updated.   And we’ll have a signpost on the home page of the site reminding you as well.

Here’s to seeing what’s behind the door in 2010.

Employers looking for the best set of theater applicants on the web can learn how to post their job by emailing classifieds@theproducersperspective.com.