Who won the tickets to Lysistrata Jones Off Broadway?

Ok, this week's giveaway has been my favorite to date, and it reminded me that I have the most creative commenters in the entire blogosphere.

When asked to come up with examples of site specific theater that you'd like to see, you came up with such winners as . . . 

  • Sweeney Todd in a barbershop.
  • The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in a brothel. 
  • Xanadu at a roller rink.

Great, right?  

But the winner for me, hands down, was Randall David Cook's answer . . . 

  • The Wiz . . . in a men's bathroom. 

Congrats, David.  You win for your wiz!  Email me to grab your tickets!

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Was there ever a more theatrical performer?

From his moonwalkin‘ tipping point to his mini-musical, Thriller (soon to be a full fledged musical), to his performance in The Wiz . . . I don’t think the world has ever seen such a man as Michael.

The tragedy of his death is only overshadowed by the tragedy of the last several years of his life, when he seemed so compelled to be that performer, on and off the stage.
The words “rest in peace” were made for Michael Jackson.