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Sorry for the tease.

In my last blog, I said . . . “An example of something I just learned from one of the biggest American marketing machines tomorrow.” And then . . .nothing.  I received thousands of emails from concerned readers all wondering if I had been kidnapped by Bruce Cohen’s family or if I had caught the same illness that affected Michael Crawford …

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I don’t borrow. I steal.

Yep, I steal from giant corporations all the time.  And you should too. Ok, as much as  I’d like to build up some “street cred” with a bad boy reputation, let me explain what I mean. Shows open and close so fast and have such limited budgets, that it’s difficult for us to try and stay ahead of the …

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word of mouth

Give away tickets, sure, but don’t paper.

Every smart company knows that with any product launch, you’ve got to give away some product to start the snowball of word of mouth marketing rolling down the hill.    What separates the great marketers from the mass marketers is who that product is given to.  Ten years ago, there were one or two “papering” organizations in the theater business that had a …

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beach house

You Can’t Build A Beach House In The Middle of Times Square.

It’s just not possible. There’s no salt water.  No sand.  No surf.  Nothing.    I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, a city with more live entertainment than most states!  There are magic shows, topless shows, animal shows, impersonators, and even a few Broadway musicals. As I stared at the marquees for …

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