Get Lost!

I got lost over the weekend while driving through Columbus, Ohio (I was scouting for a documentary that I’m producing and directing, but more on that later). While I was trying to figure out how an interstate that ran East and West could all of sudden run East and South, I realized two things: 1.  …

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100% of Zero is Zero.

Speaking of publishing statistics , one of the most gossiped about stats around Broadway water coolers is percentage attendance. “Did you see Variety?  Moose Murders only did 30% capacity!” But this number actually does very little to diagnose the fiscal health of a show.  It just counts bodies in the house (including comps).  Even Moose …

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dressing room, Dressing Rooms & “The Nibble”

I was interviewed this week for a column on about how dressing rooms are distributed on Broadway.   At the end of the article I talk about “extras” that agents often try to get tossed into contracts:  couches, microwaves, TVs, VCRs, humidifiers, expensive wallpaper, plants, refrigerators, shag carpeting, air purifiers, bottled water.  I’ve even …

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happy trails

Christmas Card Clutter – The Sequel

Well, wouldn’t you know it.  Days after I posted my grinch-like “Christmas Card Clutter” blog, I got one last holiday card.  And this one made my heart “grow three sizes”. It was from Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing (in which he mentions one of our Altar Boyz e-marketing tactics). I met Andy …

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Welcome to The Producer’s Perspective, my free blog about how to produce theatre on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and beyond! My name is Ken Davenport.  I’m the Producer of three Off-Broadway shows currently running in New York City:  Altar Boyz, The Awesome 80s Prom and My First Time. I was also a Producer of Broadway’s Oleanna, Speed-the-Plow, …

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