Sniff, Sniff. I Smell Press.

Anyone else out there think this is a faux story with the sole intention of getting press and getting mentioned on blogs like this?  (note – you have to register to read the article) It smells funny to me. If it is real, I guess the funny smell is just the lawyer for the plaintiff. …

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We’re In The News Twice In One Day!

In addition to the NY Times article today, we also got some coverage in this article in Crain’s magazine about short shows.  You’ll recognize some of my quotes from this blog entry. A follow up . . . I just saw Young Frankenstein.  I thought it could have been shorter. SHARE THIS

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Piggybacking Featured In The New York Times

As you know, I’m not a believer in the archaic 8 show a week model, especially for Off-Broadway shows.  The New York Times did a story on the current trend of sharing spaces Off-Broadway to relieve some of this burden and I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for the article. The Times calls sharing …

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It Happens To The Stock Market And It Happens To Broadway.

We had our own version of a “market correction” 2 days ago when Color Purple announced that it is closing. Although everyone knew that Purple was showing signs of weakness post-Fantastia, the announcement, leaving the Broadway Theater empty during the Spring, was a bit of a shock, just like the Dow dropping a few hundred …

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