Is “Vanity” a sin?

I got into a discussion about “Vanity Projects” today. I’ve thought about this term before, because I’m sure some people have called my shows VPs.  I do wear a lot of hats on my shows at times, depending on the scope and size of the project, and, to be honest, how much is in the budget (I work cheap …

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What the #&$@ is my job, anyway?

I’ve been lucky enough to speak on a number of panels lately, and one of the most common questions I get is, “What does a producer actually do?” It usually takes me about fifteen minutes to explain how a producer’s job may vary from raising money to selling merchandise to giving notes to a director to explaining to …

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Be kind to the animals.

A friend of mine was telling a story today and he used Cats as a reference. And, on cue, most of the group snickered. What’s so funny about Cats?  I’m going to spare you an essay on whether or not Cats is a good musical.  That’s not my point. My point is that whether you …

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I’m gonna say it . . .

. . . cuz I know you’re all thinking it. Sondheim is the Shakespeare of the American Musical Theater. (Wait for it.  Wait for it.) Like Bill’s, Sondheim’s material is so incredibly rich.  It demands attention.  It needs to be studied by anyone who wants to pursue a career in the theater.  It needs to be read, listened to, and dissected …

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Television 2.0.

CBS canceled Hugh Jackman’s musical television series, Viva Laughlin, today.  After only two outings.  Ouch. But that’s not what’s interesting to me (I mean, did anyone think the show would work?  It reeked of mid-season cancellation). What interested me was what was taking its time slot:  The Amazing Race.   Hold on a second.  I’m not going …

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