My Mission Statement And Yours.

Exceed expectations. When you exceed people’s expectations, you become exceptional by definition. And people, whether that’s your audience, your husband, your boss, etc. will have no choice but to talk about you and respect you. In fact, exceeding expectations is the best way to prevent people from becoming your ex-audience, ex-husband, or ex-boss. SHARE THIS

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Bears vs. Bares. Part II

This just in … Crunching more numbers provided by The Guru of Statistics at the  Broadway League,  Neal Freeman,  the average paid admission to a revival of a musical in the 07-08 Broadway Season is . . . . drum roll please . . . On second thought . . . let’s play a game. Pick one: A. $73.76 B.  $53.51 C.  $61.01 D.  …

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Putting What Broadway Bears Into A Box.

When you sit down and prepare to budget a show, what’s the first thing you do? Figure out how much the theater is going to cost?  Figure out how much the creative fees are going to be?  Or how much you’re going to spend on hair styling bills for a star that submits a receipt for reimbursement every time …

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Print Ads Don’t Smoke Anymore (aka Last Week’s Blog Rewritten)

Check out this article from The NY Times about one of the largest media buyers in the world . . . a tobacco company.  Here’s the paragraph that most interested me:    “The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company disclosed this week that it would run no ads in 2008 in consumer magazines and newspapers for cigarette brands like Camel, Winston and Pall Mall. Instead, Reynolds …

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