Ouch! I’ve been branded!

I just returned from speaking at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association conference in Las Vegas.  My panel was on branding.  There I was, seated next to some giant Brands like Southwest Airlines and Doubletree Hotels (I have to say I did love hearing my shows and Southwest Airlines mentioned in the same sentence.  I made a joke that our …

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A picture is worth so much more than a thousand words.

I bet you thought this post was about the strike, didn’t you? Why wouldn’t you?  The first thing you looked at was the picture, right? And who could blame you for looking at the picture first.  Pictures are pretty. They have color.  They tell a story very, very quickly and with little effort required. But this post is not about the strike. …

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Strike Thought of the Day: What’s wrong with a little therapy?

Here’s something to consider as all of you contemplate which “side” you’re on in regards to the current Broadway Stagehands strike. The mayor of New York City offered to provide both the League and Stagehands with a mediator as well as neutral territory to help bring this strike to a quicker resolution.  You might recall …

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I owe a lot of people a lot of money.

The stagehands are going on strike tomorrow morning, which means I lost my bet. But, as an Off-Broadway producer of three shows that will be up and running throughout the strike, I am happy to pay up.  🙂 I’ll comment more on the strike and why I was wrong later.  Right now I’ve got a few things …

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Not everyone should play poker.

Anyone that has played a lot of poker knows that if you get a player that sits down at the table that doesn’t know how to play very well, it can really affect your game. Oh, you’d think you could just take all of their money pretty easily, but it’s not that simple. Bad players …

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