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What Our Members Have to Say

Being a member of PRO has helped me get my script (which wasn't even finished when I started) into a festival at a premier regional theatre! The courses are worth every penny alone, but Summer's recommendations each month for play submission opportunities has been so helpful!

- Amy D.

I decided to join PRO as an Associate Producer after I was introduced to Ken several months ago. I believe that he graciously opens the door to those of us who are not “insiders” in the NYC theatre community. Ken builds the bridge from our passion for theatre to the launching our theatre dreams on the New York stage.

- Dr. Cherie S.

My favorite part of being a Pro is that I get to meet people who I might not ordinarily meet. We are all doing the same thing. We all have the same goal, we all have the same ambitions. Plus, the resources of the PRO website are amazing, you couldn’t take four years at NYU and get that much knowledge.

- Michael D.

The Producer's Perspective PRO community gave me the confidence I needed to determine that I could pursue theatre full time. In December, I notified my current employer that I would be leaving at the end of my contract in June. Not that I advocate everyone quit their jobs to pursue their passions, but if you can, you should!Ken's PRO program helped make this possible for me.

- Harold H.
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