Producer Pitch Night


Producer Pitch Night is an unbeatable opportunity to share your project with producers whose expertise can move your show to the next stage.

Davenport Theatrical receives a minimum of 20 script submissions a week so we can tell you first hand how hard it is to get a producer to read your script and give it even 1/10th of the time and energy you gave when you wrote it.

Lack of agent representation or production history make it all the more challenging.

When you finally do get into the room with a producer, you’ll want to have practiced, honed and perfected the pitch for your project.

Welcome to Producer Pitch Night – a rare opportunity to privately pitch your project three times in front of three different producers. 

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Check out a sample itinerary from one our recent Pitch Nights!

7 PM: Group Q&A Session (10 Minutes)

7:20 PM: Private, One-On-One Pitch Session with Michael Alden (10 Minutes)

7:50 PM: Private, One-On-One Pitch Session with Lauren Doll (10 Minutes)

8:20 PM: Private, One-On-One Pitch Session with Jim Kierstead (10 Minutes)

*Please note this is just a sample schedule. These producers may or may not be present at your chosen Pitch Night and your schedule may differ.

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It was a shining example of how to create and conduct a worthwhile event from the staff to the producers who spoke with us. Two of the three producers asked for the script of my play and all three said they would attend a professional reading when I mount one.

Bear K.


2 out of 3 producers asked me to send my full script. Your staff was A list. I plan on attending all Producer Pitch Nights until my play is up.

Rich R.


I loved that the producers were really engaged during the pitches and gave great advice specific to my project.

Nicole K.

I really enjoyed getting to actually sit with a producer who was receptive to your script.

Marla K.