The Producing 101 Tele-Seminar

Remember that time I asked you all What Your Greatest Problem was?

I got so many responses to that blog from people who said they were interested in producing theater, but they didn’t know where to start!

And so many of you said you were interested in taking one of my seminars, but that you didn’t live in NYC.

When I read all these comments, I realized that I had kind of let you guys down, and for that, I’m sorry.  I’ve got Get Your Show Off The Ground seminars and How to Raise Money seminars, but those are all more advanced educational opportunities.  They are for people that already have projects.  And they are all here in NYC.

What I didn’t have was an overall Producing primer for people just starting out, or for people that need a reminder of the basics.

Until I created. . . the Producing 101 Tele-Seminar (or as I like to call it:  Producing for Dummies)!

And I have to say, I never thought speaking into a microphone in my office with a whole bunch of people listening in from all over the world could ever be so much fun.  But it was awesome.  In addition to me dissecting my system for a proper foundation in Theater Producing, I also took questions from people as close as New Jersey and as far away as Tokyo.

Since then, a lot of folks have asked me when I am doing it again.

The answer is?  I’m not.

With my upcoming shows and schedule, it’s just hard to find the time.  When I broke that news to a few of the folks that inquired, they asked if there was any way that they could get their hands on the material.

And well, sometimes I feel like the genie in Aladdin – if you ask for something, I feel like I have to give it to you – (unless it’s a new Porsche so please don’t email me for that!).

So, if you missed the Producing 101 Teleseminar, or if you have never even heard of the teleseminar, but are interested in learning about the three fundamentals of theater producing, click here.