INTRODUCING: Ten Steps to Raising Money

This simple step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to raise the money you need to get your show off the ground.

Maybe you want to produce a Broadway musical . . . or an Off Broadway play . . . or help your kids put on the best high school musical ever. Or maybe what you want to do doesn’t have anything to do with theater. Maybe you want to make a feature film . . . or make a board game . . . or start a charity for underprivileged teens. Whatever it is, it is your dream and you want to make it happen. And you can. No doubt. By purchasing this execution plan, and taking the time to read it, you’ve already proven that you have the passion and the persistence to make it happen.

There’s just one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, green-non-polka-dotted-thing that you don’t have.

The money.

Whether we like it or not, money does indeed make the world go ‘round. Or as I like to describe it, when it comes to producing a show, your idea, your want, your dream (whether that’s a Broadway show or feature film) is like a car . . . and cash is the gas.

Money is the fuel we need to make our ideas move forward. Some ideas, like some cars, require more cash-gas than others. But almost all of them require some kind of deposit in the tank.

You need money . . . so how do you get it?

To put it very simply, you’ve got three options (well, three legal ways anyway—but that’s another story).

Those three options are:

1. Inherit it.

2. Earn it.

3. Raise it.

Unfortunately, we can’t choose who our parents are (yet), so #1 is out the window.

And earning it? Well, that would require learning a new skill like investment banking or becoming a real estate developer or inventing the next Google. And that could take a super long time to learn and there’s no guarantee it would even work!

So that leaves us with #3: Raising money.

I’ve broken up the process of raising money for you into 10 steps. Each step is crucial to your money raising success. So grab this plan today and star raising money tomorrow!


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What is included in this Execution Plan?

  • Money Raising Tools

    This execution plan includes all the tools you’ll need to start raising money today!

  • Who to Ask for Money and How

    Learn exactly who you should ask for money and how to ask them.

  • Why People Should Invest In Your Show

    This plan gives you the top questions you need to ask yourself to help clarify why people should invest in your show.


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