Throughout the year, Ken Davenport teaches seminars all over the world about producing theater, Broadway investing, and more.

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7/12/17 – “Websites: Why You Need One and What It Should Look Like
8/9/17 – How to Start and Run a Non-Profit Theatre Company
9/13/17 – Urgent Care for your Script: How to self-diagnosis your issues and cure them!
10/11/17 – How to get an Agent.
11/8/17 – Getting Press for your Project . . . for free.
12/13/17 – Raising Money 101

3/17/16 – “What is Front Money and How the @#$% Do I Get It?”
4/6/16 – “How to Use Social Media to Sell Tickets”
5/11/16 – “How to Get the Rights to…Anything”
6/15/16 – “Enhance This: Regional Theater Enhancement Deals Explained”
7/20/16 – “How Do You Get a Broadway Theater Anyway?”
8/10/16 – “The ABCs of National Tours Explained”
9/14/16 – “How to Make a Living Through Licensing”
10/5/16 – “How to Market your Show With No Money”
11/9/16 – “Breaking Down a Broadway Marketing Campaign”
12/14/16 – “Diving into Royalty Pools”
1/11/17 – “The Art of Negotiating…in the Arts”
2/8/17 – “How to Write a Script in 30 Days”
3/8/17 – “How to Get Producers to See your Show”
4/12/17 – “The Dos and Don’ts of Producing a Reading”
5/10/17 – From LLCs to Collaboration Agreements: Theater Law You Need to Know
6/14/17 – The Secrets of Self-Producing Successfully . . . and Why You Should.

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