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“Wow.  We. Are. Floored.  Your feedback is both insightful and eye-opening.  Your tone is supportive and encouraging.  We feel like you really get what we are going for, and your goal is to help us achieve what we set out to achieve.  We are so grateful for the time and care you put into examining our work and creating this script coverage document. It’s unusual that we get feedback that is so thorough, astute and instructive. We are eager to put it to good use.” – Michael W.

“I was so afraid of making a fatal flaw mistake, and Ken said, ‘Look at me. I will not let that happen.’ Ken is a genius when it comes to marketing, he understands trends in the industry and I really feel like part of the value of meeting with him is his well rounded knowledge base. This is a man who knows business and knows how to do business. When you’re in the room with him, you are who matters to him and that’s not false, that’s the real deal. Ken is the real deal.” – Gayla Morgan