Thanks for Purchasing How to Start and Run a Non-Profit Theatre Company

Thanks again for registering for the “How to Start and Run a Non-Profit Theatre Company” Webinar August 9th at 7pm EST! You will receive a confirmation email with instructions shortly!

See below for instructions on how to enter and listen to the Webinar. Please note, you do need to do both parts if your computer does not have speakers!  The visual component is done online.
If you’re unable to join us live – don’t worry!  Everyone who has registered will be sent the recording the day after the webinar.
-Go to this link:
-You will be prompted to enter your name, email, and the password that was emailed to you, “nonprofit9”
-If you would like to make sure all your settings are able to support the webinar, click the “Test my connection first” button beneath the password prompt.
-You will then be taken to a waiting room until the speaker starts the webinar.
-You can also access the meeting by going to and clicking on “Join Webinar” in the top right corner and typing in the webinar ID: 862199561 and then entering your name, email, and the password (nonprofit9) on the screen that pops up.
Listening In: 
-You can listen in simply by turning your audio up on your computer or by plugging in your headphones.
-If you would like to listen on a telephone you can call 917-338-1451 and enter the pin 844565#
-Upon joining the call, all participants will be put on mute (and you’ll hear a notification that you’ve been muted).
Once we get started: 
-All participants will be put on mute and remain so until the question and answer section.
-You can email Lindsay at if you have any questions.
To ask a Question:
-When we get to the Q and A, you will need to be listening to the audio via the phone or have mics in your computer to ask a question.
-If you are not already dialed in, you can do so by calling 917-338-1451 and entering the pin 844565#
-Then push *5 to ask a question or click on the screen “Ask a Question.”
-If you are going to ask through your computer speakers, you will need to allow Flash player access to your mic once the speaker has called on you. This will pop up on the screen. And the speaker will get to you when they can.