I told you I was going to do this.

I’ve been talking a lot about virtual live events as of late. In fact, I’ve been beating the virtual drum louder than I did in 2015, when I streamed this show.
Over the past few weeks, I binge-watched a ton of online theater, analyzed what I like and what I didn’t, and spoke to experts about how to make them unique.
(I’m sharing what those experts said here, for those of you who, like me, see this as the future. Click here to learn.)
And now, on top of my weekly livestream of industry leaders, I’m ready to produce a few of my own.
You’re going to see me roll out a bunch of stuff over the next few days/weeks/months. I’m going to produce various events from concerts to in-home events, and I’m even going to produce some of my previous productions adapted for “at-home” theater-going (or should I say theater-staying?).
And now, I’m going to admit something. The scope of these events may seem a little random.
And that’s the point.
When I start new producing ventures, I do a lot of different stuff in a lot of different areas. First, because there’s something about each event that I want to see. And second, because the wider the range of shows I produce, the more I learn about what YOU want to see.
And nothing is more important than The Audience’s Perspective.
If you’re interested in what I’m going to produce online, then click here. We’re making an effort to save the e-environment and reduce unwanted emails, so THIS will be the only way to know what I’m up to in the Online Theater movement.
And if you want to learn how to produce your own virtual shows (and you should – because this movement is here to stay – even after theaters reopen), click here. 

Tonight on the Livestream: The Tony Nominated Will Swenson (Hair, Les Miz and more)

“What about Will Swenson?”

These are the words I’ve heard spoken at just about every single casting meeting I’ve been to, when you’re looking for a leading man that can do . . . well . . . anything.  He can play the good guy (Hair).  He can play the bad guy (Les Miz).  He can make you laugh (Disaster).

He’s also just a terrific guy that you want in your rehearsal room.

The next thing that’s said at these casting meetings by the Casing Director is, “He’s not available.”  Cuz the guy is always working, whether that’s on stage or on film or on the small screen.

So, when we were coming up with great guest ideas for you for my livestream, I said, “What about Will Swenson?”

And guess what?  He was available!  🙂

You can join me and Will TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 22nd at 8 PM ET LIVE on my Facebook, on my Twitter, or on Broadway Podcast Network’s Youtube Channel and find out what he’s been up to this pandemic, the two readings we recently did together, and MORE.

Set a reminder here!
 – – – – –

You can catch me every TUESDAY at 8pm EDT (7pm CDT/ 6pm MDT/ 5pm PDT).

Next week . . . Lea Salonga (Once On This Island, Les Miserable, Miss Saigon)!

To learn more about our guests and to support The Actors Fund, visit www.TheProducersPerspective.com/LIVE.

How to Find A Producer and Get Produced (even in a Pandemic).

Since the day my blog went live almost 13 years (!!!) ago, the absolute most asked question I get is, “How do I find a Producer for my show?”

It took a pandemic to realize that although I have been blogging for those 13 years, podcasting for 5+, and have done umpteen webinars as part of TheTheaterMakersStudio, I have never answered this question directly.

So, I thought it was about time I did.

This Thursday, September 24th, I’m going to teach you THE strategy on how to find a producer for your play or musical.

It’s the same plan I used when I was just starting out.  And, well, it worked!  🙂  Over the years, I’ve shaped it to fit the times (and the technology) by observing and talking to the most successful TheaterMakers in our biz.

I also learned by a whole lot of practice in producing my own shows and looking for people to produce them with me.  Over the last 15 years and 30 or so shows, I have seen what worked and what didn’t (and I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes I made to save yourself a lot of time and money.)

At the end of the webinar, you’ll end up with a blueprint that you can apply to your search for a Producer . . . even in a pandemic.  No BS.  A simple action plan that if you follow, will work.  Because it has worked for me and a whole lot of people just like you.

The webinar is free.  And it’s THIS Thursday night at 8 PM ET.  You can register here.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The one thing you can do to attract Producers that most TheaterMakers aren’t doing.  (Yep, easy way to get ahead of the competition here.)
  • How to insure you can green light any project you want, whenever you want.
  • The two things Producers WON’T tell you.
  • Case Studies of other Tony Award Winners who found Producers and what you can learn from their path.
  • Don’t need a Producer?  The same strategy applies for finding an agent, investors, or whoever you need.

And whatever I don’t cover about how to find a Producer for your show, I’ll answer in a Q&A at the end.

So if you’ve been looking for a Producer, or want to get your show or musical up on a stage, whether you’re at the beginning of your career, or whether you’ve been working on a show for 7 or more years, this is the webinar for you.

It’ll help.  No question.  And it costs nothing, so if getting produced is what you want, then don’t be a dabbler, be a doer, and sign up.

And after, you never have to hear from me or talk to me ever again.  Just give me a thank you in your Tony speech.  That’s all I ask.

Because if it gets you produced, that’s all I care about it.  You’ll help me with my 5000×2025 mission, AND you’ll get some more theater out in the world, which will help make the world a better place.

See you LIVE this Thursday at 8 PM!  Sign up here!

Why James Altucher and Jerry Seinfeld are both wrong about NYC.

If you’ve been watching your social meed-feed, then you know all about the war or words between Comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Investor/Chess Player/Sometimes Comedian, James Altucher.
If you don’t, then let me catch you up.
In this article, James Altucher, said that “NYC is dead forever.”
In this article, Jerry Seinfeld called James a “putz.”
Pretty much sums it up.
So I’m here to break up the fight and say, “Guys, guys . . . are you high or something?  Cuz you’re both wrong “
I’ve followed James Altucher for years. I read his book, attended his events, and even purchased his high-priced investing newsletter for his stock tips (he was a successful Hedge Fund Manager before all this).
In fact, I found him so inspiring that I invited him and his kids to the opening of Spring Awakening in 2015. He came, had a blast and told me I had “the funnest job in the world.”
So, even though those stock-pickin’ tips I paid for didn’t work out (!), I was a fan.
But when I read his vir-article, when he declared NYC a zombie town that would never come back to life, I wanted to punch him in his hairdo.  
The article is classic Altucher. It’s smart.  It has a lot of words.  And it has a hedge-funders-like-logic. It’s like he took a lot of Facebook messages and bandwidth statistics and plugged them into his own personal algorithm and beep-bop-boop . . . out popped a message that said, “Sell NYC. SELL. SELL. SELL.” 
And that’s when James moved to Florida.
Now I love me some data.  But there are times when all these statistics and trends and algorithms are just plain wrong.  (Anyone remember the last presidential election?).
This IS one of those times.  
NYC is experiencing one of the toughest periods in its history, no doubt.  And yes, Times Square reminds me of when I first moved here in 1991.  But back then I never could have imagined that it would be the place it became pre-pandemic, with glitzy retail, Disney in residency, and so many tourists you couldn’t walk down the street.
But that’s what happened.  And it will happen again.
Yes, lots of people are leaving NYC.  Many of them artists, as I wrote about here, who have no choice.  And this forced migration is one of the great tragedies of this pandemic.
But the people that are leaving just to leave, and not because they have to?  The people like James?  They’re doing so out of fear.  And that’s never a good time to sell anything.
In fact, to quote a hero from James’s investing world . . .
“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett.

I understand the fear.  Believe me. I’ve had it.  I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I looked at each other and said, “Maybe we should head to the suburbs.  Or another state!”

The facts are,  I could commute from anywhere when Broadway got back up and running.

But that would be me making a quick decision based on a short-ish term problem.  It’d be like a drug.  It would make me feel good in the short term because I was doing something, but long term?

What’s interesting is when people make these decisions, they then have to DEFEND their position to everyone they know.  It’s the psychological principles of “commitment” and “consistency” (beautifully described in this book by Dr. Robert Cialdini.) Once people make a choice, they double down on it, to make themselves feel more secure in their own decision (which is evidence that they weren’t secure about the decision in the first place). 

And, that, my friends, is what we’re seeing in James’ article.
See James moved to Florida.  So of course he is going to claim that NYC is dead.  Because if it wasn’t dead, it would be like he left a dying friend on the battlefield. . . he’d never forgive himself.  (Seinfeld was right when he wrote, “Imagine being in a war with this guy by your side.”)
But I don’t want to be too hard on James.  Because again, I don’t know a NYer who has been stuck in the city since March who hasn’t thought of getting out.  So his feelings are valid.  I forgive him of those.   
What I couldn’t forgive James is how his article is the antithesis of the basic tenet of his teaching. And why I became semi-obsessed with him in the first place.
I’m talking about his 1% rule.
James believes that you can accomplish any goal you want in life by trying to get better at that thing by just 1% a day.
Improve a paltry 1%. every day over a year and you will crush your goals.  
And it works.
And that’s what is going to happen to NYC.  
It’s not going to get better all at once.  It’s not going to get better by next year.  But over time, watch what it becomes.
So for James Altucher to say that “I give up on NYC” is the opposite of the positivity he preaches that has attracted so many people to his various businesses!
So why did he write that article? Is the 1% rule bull-puckey?
No, he wrote that article because . . .
1.  He needed to defend his move per the “commitment/consistency” principle we discussed above.
2.  He wanted to get press.
James is a genius. And he knows how to get attention.  And he succeeded. Big time.
Enter Jerry Seinfeld.
Jerry, I’m a massive fan of yours as well. And it wasn’t your TV show that did it. It was the movie Comedian, which showed us all how hard you are willing to work at your craft. The movie is a great reminder that everyone, including Jerry Seinfeld, feels like an imposter every once in a while.  
But the follow-up article that James wrote to your article (I told you James knew how to get attention . . . and keep the attention going) was right.  You’re living a very cushy Hamptons life right now.  And it ain’t so cushy here in Times Square, where today I witnessed a drug deal in front of one of our famed Broadway Theaters.
If you want NYC back, Jerry, you can’t just act like Peter Pan and believe it will come back. You have to be back. 
We need you here.  We need you walking through Times Square (with a mask!) to give some of the few tourists a reminder that famous people live in our city.  We need you to ride our subway if we expect other people to.  We need you to help us get aid from the federal, state and city governments. The forced migration can be stopped with the right stimulus . . . so stop calling Altucher names and start calling Congress People.  They will answer your calls, not mine.
No, James and Jerry, NYC isn’t dead.
But it is sick. Very sick. And sure, maybe some might even say it’s dying.
But if your best friend in the world was dying, what would you do . . . sit back and watch? Go on vacation? Only green-light treatments that have been done before?  Yell from the top of your lungs and say, “My friend is dying” and then head to a beach?
No. You’d rant and rave for help. You’d try every experimental drug and treatment on the market. You’d do ANYTHING you can to keep your friend alive.
So if you love this city like I both know you do, give each other an e-kiss and make up.  Because together you two could do more good than any of our politicians ever could.
– – – – –
If you’re interested in more conversations about what the future of the theater is going to look like in our fair and non-dead city, click here.

Tonight on the Livestream: The Olivier (and More) Award winning Author of The Inheritance, Matthew Lopez

Let’s just cut straight to it:

My guest on tonight’s livestream wrote a play called “The best American play of the century.”

That’s right, Matthew sat down to write “The Great American Play,” and actually did it.

If that isn’t enough to get you to tune in, well, I don’t know what else I can say.

Except that The Inheritance won the Olivier Award, the Drama Desk, Evening Standard, Outer Critics and just about every other award out there for plays. Except for The Tony, that is . . . and that’s only because the Tonys never happened! (But they will soon enough and guess who is a favorite?)

Tonight we’re going to find out how this rollercoaster of a year has affected Matthew Lopez, what he’s working on next, and what advice he has to emerging writers who have ideas for 8-hour, 2-part dramas.

You can watch TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 14th at 8 PM ET on my Facebook, on my Twitter, or on Broadway Podcast Network’s Youtube Channel.

Set a reminder here!
And next week, it’s Will Swenson (Waitress, Les Miserables, Hair)!

– – – – –

You can catch me every TUESDAY at 8pm EDT (7pm CDT/ 6pm MDT/ 5pm PDT).

To learn more about our guests and to support The Actors Fund, visit www.TheProducersPerspective.com/LIVE.

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Ken Davenport

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