The new reality TV show about producing . . . that I’m producing!

That’s it.  I’ve had enough of people telling me I should . . .

1 – Produce television

2 – Produce a reality television show about producing a Broadway show.

So, during the pandemic, I started pitching TV networks like crazy.  And wouldn’t you know it, Netflix bought it!

The show follows the days and nights and late nights of three Broadway Producers (yes, I’m one of them) starting as we get Broadway up and running again.  Think a live version of William Goldman’s The Season . . . but about the most important season EVER – the first season back for Broadway after the pandemic!

They won’t let me say any more than this right now but stay tuned, because I’ll spill more soon.  (I’m just glad that today, I can finally leak this!)

If you want to read the official announcement from Netflix, including WHO THE OTHER TWO PRODUCERS ARE, click here.  (Guess first!)

OH, and we still don’t have a title, so if you want to suggest one, click here.


Will Game Of Thrones make it to Broadway? And will it be a hit?

News travels fast across Westeros!

Today, multiple ravens announced that Game of Thrones is headed for the stage!

As this article reports, the wildly (and Wildling) successful HBO series is set to debut in 2023 in NYC, London, and in Australia.  Which will come first?  Who knows, but I doubt Broadway will host the premiere, given our high cost and high stakes (if you make it here you can make it anywhere – and if you DON’T make it here, then good luck elsewhere!).

George R.R. Martin will write the “story” along with Duncan MacMillan (who brought us 1984) and Dominic Cooke will direct.  Simon Painter and Tim Lawson will produce.

So the team is first-rate.

But this will be a challenging one.

I’m always fearful of source material that is SO successful.  It gives you quite a hurdle to jump over.  Harry Potter did an amazing job with their adaptation (and GOT is taken a similar approach in coming up with a new story for the stage version), but it hasn’t been the slam dunk business-wise we all thought it would be (this Producer included).

And this genre has had a checkered past.  Remember Lord of the Rings?  Another celebrated fantasy series that never got all the way here?

Regardless of what happens (and I’ll be praying to the Red God for its success), the fact that a brand this popular sees the theater as an important part of its extension, is another reason why the future of the theater looks bright.

Film, TV, theme parks, merchandising, and yes, the theater.  The most successful entertainment brands in the world should have a piece of everyone.

What do you think about a Game of Thrones theater piece?

The shortcut to mastering theatermaking is . . .

Well, the truth is there IS no shortcut to mastering theatermaking or anything.

Sorry for the blog and switch, but there is no microwave-like answer to success in this industry (or any industry).

Jonathan Larson’s sister said it best when she accepted his Rent Tony Award on his behalf . . .

“It took Johnnie 15 years of really hard work to become an overnight sensation.”

Here’s the good news.  There are ways to speed up that success.

So, I should have said . . . the short-EST cut to mastering theater is . . .


Did you guess yet?  🙂

The shortest cut to mastering theater is learning from other people who have mastered it.

Listen and learn from those who have come before.  They have experimented and succeed (and probably failed too – which offers more lessons than success sometimes).

Devour biographies, interviews, classes, and more to learn from the theatermakers careers you want, or just from the artists you admire.

Why do you think I started my podcast?

And why do you think one of the core components of The TheaterMakers Studio is Master Classes.

(Speaking of, we just added a slate of new masterclasses including:

  • Actor/Author Mandy Gonzalez (Hamilton, In The Heights),
  • Actor/Writer Telly Leung (Allegiance, Godspell, Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway),
  • Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman: (The Producers, Crazy for You), 
  • Producer Mara Isaacs (Hadestown, The Inheritance), and more!
Click here to check out the full slate of Master Classes the studio offers, and use the code TMSFREE30.)

Wherever you get your access, make sure learning and listening to the masters of what you want is part of your daily routine.  In 2011, it wasn’t possible to get these people to teach you while you’re in the comfort of your own home.  Now, thanks to the good ol’ interwebs, they can.

And just promise me one thing . . . when you do achieve the success you want, you’ll help the next set get to where YOU are.

Click here and use the code TMSFREE30 to learn more about the Master Classes on TheaterMakers Studio, including the classes coming up!

March 26, 2021: What TheaterMakers Are Talking About This Week

Every week, there are many conversations involving our industry — new shows in development, scholarship opportunities, virtual events, discussions about Broadway’s reopening, and more! Sometimes it can be too much to keep track of week after week so my team and I have decided to share the top 5 news articles each week to help you stay in the know!!

From an In The Heights new trailer and new book to Mayor de Blasio’s big Broadway announcement, here’s what TheaterMakers were talking about this week . . .


1 – In the Heights Debuts Energy-Filled Trailer Celebrating Latinx Culture

After waiting 96,000 weeks . . . the wait is finally over. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s adaptation of his Tony-nominated musical “In the Heights,” directed by Jon M. Chu will deliver on its promise of celebrating Latinx culture in New York City when it hits theaters and HBO Max on June 18. Did you know Lin-Manuel Miranda is coming out with a new book, In The Heights, Finding Home? Pre-order here and grab your copy before June 22!

Read more: 


2 – The Directors Company Announces Inaugural Next Wave Initiative Winners

Announced last year, the initiative seeks to amplify new Black voices in theatre, with space for writers, directors, actors, and dancers. Douglas Lyons and The Directors Company has announced the inaugural slate of winners of their Next Wave Initiative scholarships, each of which will receive financial scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,959 to support undergraduate or MFA education. 

Read more:


3 – ‘Multi-Level Chess’: After A Dark Year, Broadway’s Recovery Is Finally Underway

It’s been a year since the live entertainment industry went dark, and the fallout has been catastrophic. Hundreds of venues have closed permanently. In New York alone, Broadway’s shutdown left a hole in the economy. Now, after the darkest year in its history, American theater is seeing a reason to hope. The path ahead remains precarious, with many unanswered questions about safety, economics, and equity, but it’s no longer the bleak vista it was even a month ago.

Read more: 


4 –  What It Will Take for New York Theater to Come Back as the Industry and Community It Professes to Be

“What we do in the remaining downtime of this shutdown will determine the health and future of the industry.” Ruthie Fierberg, the former Executive Editor of Features for Playbill, has broken down the various parts of what has been done and perhaps what should be done before the curtains rise again. A lot of insights and challenges, which is what great reporting is all about!  

Read more:


5 – NYC Mayor De Blasio Announces Plans for Sites to Vaccinate Theatre Workers; Plans to Re-Open Broadway This Fall

“Start spreading the news!” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke live from City Hall on March 25, 2021, to announce his plans to start vaccinating theatermakers. Click to watch my Sondheim-y response to this announcement here

Read & watch more: 


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Fun on a Friday: Remember this early pandemic parody video from a year ago?

Here’s a little fun as we go into the weekend.

A year ago, when I knew I wasn’t going to be producing for a while, and yet I HAD to produce something, I produced this!

I called up Kleban award-winning lyricist, Amanda Yesnowitz, who dashed off some brilliant parody lyrics in about a minute and a half (great writers know how to deliver on a deadline), called the Broadway Princess Party, and bam . . . look at what they did!

Hope you enjoy this still important message as we start to open up.

Want to read the original post announcing this video?  Click here for a trip back in time!  To when we thought the pandemic might last six weeks!  (Who was that dude who said it’d be gone by Easter?  Oh right, that guy.  Thank God he’s gone!)