The Broadway Producer Pick List 2016

Welcome to The Broadway Producer Pick List – 2016!

The list below is the compilation of the ten best scripts that have come across our submission desk here at Davenport Theatrical over the past year, as curated by my Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb.

We publish them here to introduce you to the writer, to their material, and with the hope that by putting a spotlight on them, we can all help get them off the page and onto a stage.

Click on each title to read the play and read more about the author (and get his/her contact information):

Enjoy The Broadway Producer Pick List 2016.  And a big thank you to these writers and all the writers who share their work with us.

And the 10 Plays are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Factory Girls by Creighton Irons and Sean Mahoney
  2. Great Wall by Kevin So and Kevin Merritt
  3. Imagination by Dean Ward
  4. Life on the Mississippi by Philip W. Hall
  5. Marjorie Gold by Erin Leigh Peck
  6. Modern Prophet by Sam Graber
  7. Qualities of Starlight by Gabriel Jason Dean
  8. Strange Bedfellows by Jason Boies
  9. The Almost End of the End Forever by Bob Bowersox
  10. The Battles by Ned Massey

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