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Time Management for Artists Online Workshop



Wednesday, Oct. 11th
4 PM Pacific Time
7 PM Eastern Time

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  • 1

    Why your To Do list may be getting you to do less!

  • 2

    The best apps, websites, and more to help keep you on task.

  • 3

    The trick to working on your dream, while still having a day job.

  • 4

    Need an extra hour? Here's how to find it.

  • 5

    How to say no to spending time on others, and have people thank you for it.

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I hear it all the time . . .

"Ken, how do you get it all done?"

It's taken me decades to hone the craft of time management, which has specific challenges for artists, and this webinar is dedicated to helping you get sh*t done!

As artists we all have dreams and ideas, but all of those great ideas are worth $0 . . . nothing . . . zip if you don't have time to put them into action!

Join me on my "Time Management for Artists" online workshop on October 11th at 7pm EST to learn all the strategies I use to

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