Are you stuck on your script and searching for guidance to get your project to the next stage? Join our Writer’s Group and work with a small group of driven, dedicated and diligent theatre professionals all working to get to their goals.

Have a script you’re stalled out on?

Need to figure out where that “I Want” song wants to go in your book?

Our Writer’s Group is the perfect place for you!

Catering to novice and seasoned writers who are looking for support, feedback and a place to explore, the Writer’s Group is a small ensemble of writers led by Eric Webb, our Director of Creative Development.

Spanning 12 months, writers engage in cold-readings of each other’s work, provide feedback, and hold each other accountable for their goals and assignments for each session. This group is open to dramatists, librettists and librettists/lyricists.

Our Writer’s Group also has a virtual option led by Amanda Yesnowitz.


Feedback from Writer’s Group Participants

“Providing feedback on projects I never could have envisioned reminds me of the diverse voices that make American theater’s appeal limitless.”
Bear K. -

“This group has helped me stay on track and more than anything helped hold me accountable for the goals I set. There’s nothing worse than saying you’re going to do something, and then not doing it. This forces you to stay true to what you commit to and get the work done.”
Chris L. -

Working on ``Spellbound!: A Perfect Musical Fairytale,`` in Ken Davenport's writers' group has been instrumental to the success of my show. It has grown leaps and bounds under the tutelage of Eric Webb. Eric creates an environment that is supportive and appreciative of the work we are doing, and the feedback my peers provided has been incredibly helpful. I recommend this group to all writers, and especially to those who are working on through-line and big picture ideas. The format of 15-minute presentations supports this kind of work. I have been very satisfied with the group. It has successfully helped me craft a dramaturgically sound show. When I've got another show to work on, I would gladly do it again.
Ben B. -

I live and write in the LA area, and in a coaching session with Ken a couple of years ago, he had urged me to get out to New York more. I really took that advice seriously. The Writer’s Club provided me with a wonderful opportunity to get more familiar with New York while getting some great feedback and furthering work on my writing projects. I have been involved in writers groups before, but I’d never flown from the west coast to the east coast to be in one, so it was a real broadening experience for me. And although I couldn’t make every session (I was really a wimp during that cold spell in January), I thoroughly enjoyed the group, Eric’s astute, professional feedback and meeting some great new colleagues.
Chana W. -